Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Operation Do Something About It

I tried to go to sleep last night but a small thing was keeping me from falling to a comfortable slumber. Did I say small thing? I meant major thing. Our house. Is a mess. There are just unfinished projects and "puddles" of crap all over the place. To better hold myself accountable for doing something about this, I took a tour this morning, camera in hand, and below you will find the pictures as evidence. I've got some work to do.

 Built in desk area AKA Crap Collector

 Kitchen countertops AKA unfinished cabinet storage/I haven't emptied the clean dishes in a week so dishes sit on the counter for days

 Pub table AKA Crap Collector #2

 A box from Barnes and Noble that is empty and should be thrown away. Flip flops from mowing the lawn last night

 Cheap ass blinds with missing pieces

 Front window with no shades (they are sitting in the garage, collecting dust and cricket carcasses)
 Coat hanger that my friend gave me that needs new hooks (that we have sitting in a bag on Crap Collector #1)

 Empty wall in dining room seriously in need of a picture or two

 Recently unused media console sitting in the hallway

 Box that our new desk came in and ladder for fixing this annoying thing in our vent that keeps breaking and making noise

 Loft with old Ikea couch that is covered in cat hair; Ikea chair in place of an actual desk chair and coffee table covered in junk

 Spare room that is my 30 Day Shred room/Total Gym equipment that doesn't get used/Spare furniture

 Random clothes/cat carrier/ medicine ball/laundry basket filled with CRAP

Still empty space above our glorious buffet

Don't you like our open front cabinets on our island? I don't. 

We aren't going for a mismatched cabinet look. 

Many of these projects I WILL take care of. Husband is going to work on finishing the cabinets as soon as his busy work schedule ends and I promise to spend an hour each night cleaning up specific areas in our house. I have an hour. Heck, I have three hours and there is NOTHING on tv during the summer so really, I have no excuse. 

Does anyone else have unfinished projects/puddles of crap around their house? Or is everyone perfect and tidy and keeps things in order despite working 40 hours a week? If that is you, don't comment. I'd like to keep the illusion that everyone's house looks like mine.


Beth said...

Your house is very clean compared to mine. :)

Alison said...

OMG, so many "projects" and half completed projects that I cant' even count! I like that you photographed and logged them. Myabe that would help my motivation factor!

Mrs. T said...

Our house is in the same condition right now. It sucks! I'm so tired of walking by piles that I need to do something with! We're working on them also, hoping to be done before the winter hits! Ha!

Christy said...

You're pub table is WAY nicer looking than the top of our kitchen table...if that makes you feel any better. I always try to think, "What if someone just randomly stopped by? I should keep it looking nice." But let's get real, no one randomly stops by and if they did I'd have enough time to throw all that crap in my room and shut the door. HAHA