Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

3 years ago, we got married. We were both pretty excited.....

But our marriage isn't defined by that special day and in three years of marriage (on top of the first 4 years of dating), we have been lucky enough to experience so much together.

We went to Maui on our honeymoon and discovered paradise together. Chris found a new job and discovered what it felt like to actually enjoy going to work everyday. We spent 7 weeks apart 9 months into our marriage when his wonderful job went into overtime and had him living with his parents. We reunited just in time for our first year anniversary trip to Disneyland, a first time visit for my husband.

We dove head first into house hunting and after multiple viewings and 7 offers, we closed on our first home on September 24, 2009. We moved in on Halloween and basked in the glory of having a space to finally call ours. We gained a furry family member and life with our Kitty couldn't be better. She is our love. The dream of putting a child in one of those spare bedrooms hasn't been easy. In fact, it has been downright miserable, heart-wrenching, tear jerking, anger filled and depressing. It has been life changing and the biggest struggle I've ever faced in my life. But that guy in the pictures above has been my rock. He is what a husband should be when facing adversity. We move forward with our lives, going to Hawaii this past October to see the Ironman and taking a trip this summer to Washington D.C. and New York. A trip that I have dubbed the "Life Moves Forward" tour of 2011.

We carry on each day hoping that the dreams we have will someday come true but we know that deep down, our love for each other is unwavering and strong. My days and nights are filled with laughter because of him and for me, for now, that is enough.

We had our first date on July 31, 2004. We've lived together since April 25, 2006. We got engaged to be married on February 19, 2007. And we got married on June 7, 2008. I can't wait to see where our lives take us....together, forever.

And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know
That I am
I am
I am The luckiest


Jen said...

Congrats on 3 years of marriage! Here's to many more! :-)

Angie said...

i've got tears lady!

congratulations on 3 years and cheers to many , many more!


Cathleya said...

Love you guys! 3 years is no small feat. Happy anniversary! Hope you're celebrating in a fun way today!

The Jesse said...

happy anniversary!!!

andrea said...

Beautiful post..happy anniversary!