Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And then everything came together

After a stressful day in the office yesterday, I was not looking forward to going home and diving into my to do list. Thank goodness my sister sent me a text asking what we were doing for dinner! She and the girls came over at about 5:00 and we had a great time together.

My husband has missed a lot of family events due to his nighttime work schedule so this was the first time in 2 months that he has been around to see my sister and nieces. He picked Diana up and she gave him a big hug around his neck. It was the sweetest thing. Amy is going through a Mommy Only phase so she wasn't as keen on him as her big, she is scared of Kitty so she needed Mommy to cling onto. My sister made the girls burritos and Chris put some turkey burgers on the grill for us. All 5 of us sat outside at our new table and enjoyed the heck out of each others company. It was such a fun night.

We left Chris at home to clean up and the girls went to Big Spoon Yogurt for fro-yo. It was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday night. And since my mood had improved from the lovely visit, I managed to clean the bathroom so it is now sparkly clean.

Another item checked off of the list. Another reminder that my life, even in times of stress, is pretty damn awesome.

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