Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Current Events: Casey Anthony

I wasn't the person to spend time closely following this trial. I read about it in People Magazine and remember hearing the details over the past three years. Some of my earliest memories about this case were how stupid Casey Anthony was because she couldn't stay out of trouble. According to Wikipedia:

Casey Anthony was first arrested on July 16, 2008,  and was charged the following day with giving false statements, child neglect, and obstruction of a criminal investigation. The judge denied bail, saying Casey had shown "woeful disregard for the welfare of her child." On August 21, 2008, after one month of incarceration, Casey Anthony was released from the Orange County jail. She was arrested again on August 29, 2008, on charges of forgery, fraudulent use of personal information, petty theft for forging $700 worth of checks and using her friend's credit cards without permission. On September 5, 2008, Casey Anthony was released again on bail after being fitted with an electronic tracking device. Casey Anthony was arrested for the third time on September 15, 2008, on new charges of theft, and was released shortly afterward.  Her $500,000 bond was posted anonymously.

With this kind of track record, I give her 6 months before she is arrested and placed in jail again. I might be giving her too much time since she was arrested 7 days after her first release from jail and then another 10 days after her second. So for the sake of following the pattern, if she is released on Thursday following her sentencing, she should be arrested on or around July 20. I doubt three years in jail has taught her anything since she essentially just got away with murder.

I hope tv/books/radio/magazines don't have the gall to actually PAY her for an interview. I'm not one to boycott things but I'd be willing to boycott any media source that does pay her for her time and words. But if they were going to reach out to her for an interview, they better do it fast since her track record proves she will be handcuffed again shortly.

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