Friday, July 8, 2011

In My Life....

...I love you more. Don't you love The Beatles? I pink puffy heart The Beatles. They are the wind beneath my wings.

My mom sent me (and my sister) the following text yesterday morning: "Wishing my two favorite daughters a wonderful day. Take time to do something that makes you smile today. There's lots for which to be grateful."

Ain't that the truth? I find myself blanketed in negativity sometimes. I have to work over the summer when so many people in my office get to take 6 weeks off. We don't get paid a lot for the hard work we do. It is hot. I am tired. My house needs to be cleaned. Negative Nancy. But in reality, there IS lots for which to be grateful.

The ability to work and thrive. The paycheck that does get deposited into my account which allows me to take a cool shower on a hot day and afford the house that I actually enjoying cleaning (sometimes). I'm grateful for the family that I can invite over for my birthday in August and share laughter with. I'm grateful for my incredible husband who feels like new after being on night shift for 52 days. I'm grateful for funny facebook statuses and the ability to hit the "hide" button to get rid of constant Negative Nancy's.

I'm grateful for the state in which I live because California, while broke and expensive, has always been my home. It is where I was born, where I grew up, where I experienced life and where I spend my days exploring. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I'm grateful for vacations and although our original vacation didn't go off as planned, we are counting down the days until we fly away to visit some pretty amazing places. Places where some people could only dream of visiting someday. And we are lucky enough to get to go. How amazing!

So on this Friday before a normal two day weekend, fill your head with positivity. Block out the negativity and even when you are going through a rough spot, think of the things you have. Like my mom said, there's lots for which to be grateful.

Although, I think it is easier for her to say that since she is just one week away from retirement! Now that is something to be grateful for!!!

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Jen said...

What a nice text message for your mom to send! It is great to get unexpected reminders of all that we have to be grateful for and to avoid being negative. I'm a self proclaimed "Negative Nancy" so you're post was my reminder! Thanks and have a great weekend with your hubby! :-)