Monday, July 11, 2011

One thing and another

Don't tell anyone but I'm secretly glad it is Monday. Another weekend gone means we are that much closer to our vacation!! I see it in front of me on the calendar and I seriously can't wait. Of course I have some PTSD since we already had to reschedule it and I live in fear (being dramatic here) that something will happen again but I'm trying to push those feelings aside. Onto other topics of interest....

*Friday night was a date night for me and my husband. He was done with his night shift and we could finally go out in public together! We had dinner at Chili's and fully intended to go see Horrible Bosses but didn't quite make it to the theater. He was still adjusting to being awake during the day so we headed home and called it a night.

*Saturday we both got massages! It was his first and one that I planned for myself as a post vacation treat but I didn't cancel it because why would you cancel a massage? Afterwards, I drove to Napa on family business and made a pit stop at Sift for a cupcake and a french macaron. I got the Limonatta cupcake which was delicious due in large part to the lemony filling. I love a cupcake with filling. The chocolate macaron was large and in charge and amazingly delicious. I managed to save it until later to eat as a dessert. We are behind in our movie watching so we watched Tangled. LOVED IT. All of it. I got teary at the ending which prompted my husband to laugh at me.

*I stopped by Lowe's to check out the selection of patio furniture because we really, really need something. I know that stores get rid of this stuff pretty early on in the summer so if we were going to get it, we needed to jump on it. I found a 7 piece set for a fantastic price and it was all in stock. After consulting with my husband on the delivery method (he wanted to pay $80 to have Lowe's deliver it, I'm far too cheap for that), I rented their flat bed pick up truck and drove it home myself. The first 75 minutes cost $20 and since we live only 20 minutes away, it was the perfect deal. I spent about an hour in the backyard putting the table together ALL BY MYSELF and when it was done, I admired my work. Our backyard actually looks complete!!

*Sunday was Chore Day so I got an early start clearing the cardboard boxes that held the patio furniture, watering plants, mopping the tile in our bathroom, vacuuming upstairs and downstairs and then I was tired so I took a 2 hour nap. I braved Walmart for grocery shopping for the first time in a while and got dressed for our softball game. Two hits, two runs and a victory! The weather was perfect but I did manage to get a few bug bites. We ended the weekend in grand fashion. Watching the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm (!!!!), thin crust pizza and a glass of wine for me. 

As Larry David would say, "prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good."


Stefanie K. said...

Do you own a vehicle that can tow a trailer? We've taken to renting a small (4'x7') Uhaul trailer when we need to haul anything that won't fit in our Element. Of course, it requires a tow hitch...and I know most people with a tow hitch have the ability to haul stuff (i.e. trucks), but since I don't and the Uhaul thing works for us, I thought I'd mention it. You get the trailer for 24 hours for $15. $17 with taxes and all. Such a steal, I love it. Anyway, happy Monday. Vacation is almost here! :)

Michelle said...

No, we both have wimpy cars. Camry for me, Fit for him. My father in law has a truck and got upset when I told him we paid to rent a truck but it was so easy to just jump into the Lowe's truck right after I purchased it. In the time it would have taken for him to drive to the store, I could have completed half the trip. Nice that they have that as an option!

Kimberly Michelle said...

Hello productive weekend! :) Super nice!

Oh, and we use the Lowe's truck ALL THE TIME! In fact, last time we used it, we drove it to Home Depot, IKEA and Target to pick up purchases! :)

Michelle said...

Kim! I was totally thinking that if I needed to use it to bring something else home, I would see if you could just rent it without a large Lowe's purchase! How funny.