Thursday, July 7, 2011

Too many college stories shared

My husband was working on the 4th so I kept him updated of the festivities via text message. This is story of a text message that turned into a practical joke:

Me to Him: "Making smores. Good times. I had two Mike's Hard Lemonades. Wasted."

Now, I was indeed NOT wasted. I would not want to be wasted in front of my neighbors, their kids and my in-laws who came over for fireworks. But I guess my husband thinks I'm some sort of drunkard who has no class or awareness of my alcohol limits.

Him to Me: "Do NOT get drunk with my family there. DO.NOT."

Finding this hilarious, I read it to everyone which made them erupt with laughter and shake their heads. My mother in law wasn't quite sure why my husband would think I was capable of turning into a college freshman at a frat party (she hasn't heard the stories, I guess). The plan was hatched for my brother in law, sister in law and father in law to send him texts, all at the same time, stating how out of control I was, that I was completely wasted and that they were worried about me. And no joke is complete without a picture for evidence so I threw myself on the lawn, channeled my college days and looked wasted.

I think the smores and the fireworks smoke had me more intoxicated.

My husband received the mass text onslaught along with the picture and said that it was hilarious.

Don't mess with us.

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