Thursday, August 11, 2011


How it is possible that today I am turning 32 years old? Initially, each year past 30 sounds a lot older. The approaching birthday causes the number to echo in my mind.

32. Thirty-two. Treinta y dos. It plays over and over again in my mind as soon as the calendar hits August 1st. By the time August 11th rolls around, I am well prepared for the reality of my new and improved age. I try not to allow those negative thoughts to creep into my mind (mainly, why don't I have kids yet? My ovaries are getting older by the second, OH GOD THEY ARE SHRIVELED UP, RIGHT?)

They say "Age ain't nothing but a number." I disagree. I see my age as a badge of honor. Another year wiser. Another year of experience under my belt. Another year goes by that I realize watching MTV no longer makes any sense.

Another saying I disagree with? "Act your age, not your shoe size." BORING. I'll claim 32 but I'll act 10. I'll be free and happy and innocent. I won't allow the burdens of being an adult to keep me awake at night. I'll play and make things and be happy. That's what 10 year old Michelle would do. I say whats good for 10 year old Michelle is plenty good for 32 year old Michelle.

Happy Birthday, self. Show 32 who is boss!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday to You! Hope you have an amazing day! And you're right... Leo's rock! :-)

Patty said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

The Jesse said...

happy happy birthday!!! i'm behind on reading posts but looking forward to reading your trip recaps soon :)

andrea said...

Happy birthday!!

Cathleya said...

Kick ass at 32!!! xoox

Angie said...

i'm gonna be 35 this year..and mtv still makes perfect sense to me ;)

hope you had a fabulous birthday!!