Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The day before we left for vacation, I was having lunch with my friend Kim and realized that I would be in the same shopping mall as a Borders. Since they were going out of business, I decided to do a walk through to see if they had anything I could pick up. Despite the line being 40 people long and only 3 cashiers working, I picked up a journal, a Star Wars figurine for my husband and a copy of Tina Fey's book Bossypants. I have read about this book for a while but never picked up a copy. At 30% off, I couldn't resist and thought it would be a great book to read on the plane, the train or at the hotel.

I carried it around in our luggage without touching it until we got on the airplane to fly home! No time to read during vacation! I finished it Sunday afternoon, about 24 hours after starting it. Such a funny book!!! I loved it. It was easy reading and I love how she talks about her childhood, her career at Second City and how she survived at SNL and started 30 Rock, which is a show I LOVE. Reading about it made me want to have a 30 Rock marathon. And she also made some references to NYC that I totally understood because we were just there.

If you are looking for a funny book, Bossypants gets my vote. And if you want to go to Borders during liquidation, wear comfortable shoes and bring your smart phone so you have something to do while waiting in line.

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