Friday, August 19, 2011

Celebrity Prediction of 2011

I'm not good at predicting how long marriages in Hollywood last. I did come up with the pathetic idea to save all of my People Magazines so I could look back and see what relationships succeeded and which failed. (This is about the time when you shake your head and urge me in the comments to get a life. A real life.)

To anyone that cares, I've been saying that I think this Kim Kardashian wedding is a huge publicity stunt, that the wedding will be mysteriously called off on Friday (today) and the cancelled wedding will keep their name in the headlines for even longer.

It is now Friday and there is no cancelled wedding. DAMN, I was wrong. I guess there is still time. I just think the whole thing is fake, like Ben and JLO's relationship. I'm not saying that these people shouldn't have happy relationships and they can't fall in love quickly but something seems too contrived about this whole thing. The fact that People Magazine had pictures from the "surprise" engagement just goes to show that everything is a photo opp.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I will be "watching" the wedding when it airs on E! eventually. That is, if it isn't cancelled. You heard it here first people!!!

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