Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discussion: The Help (spoilers)

I have a feeling I might go broke buying books for my Kindle. I finished The Help in 6 days. I read it during my breaks, before going to bed and while on the eliptical at the gym. Time really flies on that thing when you are reading!

Would anyone like to chime in with thoughts about this book? I put a spoiler warning up so if you haven't read or finished the book and don't want to be spoiled, read no more. But come back when you are done! I am hoping to see the movie this weekend.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I found it so interesting to read about the dynamics between the maids and their "white women". I was raging mad at Hilly by the end of the book. I wanted her to jump off the pages and into my house so I could punch her prissy self in the face. It makes me angry that Elizabeth wouldn't stick up for herself in her OWN home. I was getting so angry reading those last few pages. The only part of the book that made me teary eyed was when Aibileen had to say goodbye to Mae Mobley. My favorite parts of the book were the interactions they had. That is what I love about reading, the visualization of scenes that are completely up to you to imagine.

Now, for the bad. I was fairly disappointed in the end. Not so much for what was written but for what was not written. I wanted Minny's story to be completed. It just felt like it left dangling on a string. Sure, she was going to leave Leroy but then what? In my mind, she and her kids go live with The Foote's and live happily ever after. I see them as loving people and since they aren't able to have their own kids, they wouldn't mind Minny and her children living in their house. I guess the sad reality of Aibileen's story is that she did get fired by Hilly (stupid spineless Elizabeth) and had no choice but to find something else to do. I love how she imagined that she would be a writer knowing that she helped to write the book but I wish I knew that her life would be ok, safe and content.

As for Skeeter and Stewart. Eh. She is 24 and not like her "friends" who got married right out of college. She has her sights set for the Big City and I'm so glad she decided to go. It was the right choice. Stewart wasn't the man for her. Skeeter is open minded and the experience writing the book gave her a viewpoint that Stewart couldn't share. That relationship was not meant to be but I thought it was beautifully written in the book. It gave her a confidence she didn't have before. How many of us meet our husbands at 20 and marry and settle down with them? Not many. We date. We have failed relationships. We move on.

Please share your thoughts with me! My friend told me that the movie does a good job of providing some of that closure that the book leaves open. Please no movie spoilers though. Thanks!

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Angie said...

haven't read the book yet, but i did see the movie last weekend. absolutely loved...i'd actually watch it again. i really want to read the book now, i think i will :)