Monday, August 29, 2011

Hair, wine and naps

The weekend flew by. I do not like when that happens. I managed to find some fun activities to take part in though.....

No, this isn't me going to a 1920's party dressed as a flapper. I found a video on Youtube that shows you how to curl your hair without heat. My hair is short but it takes forever to curl it and by the time I get done curling it all, the side I started with is already nearly straight. So I was excited to try this method.

I can't link to the video right now but the user name is "thelipstickdiaries" and the name of the video is "HAIR: How to get Vintage Style Curls without Heat!" I first tried this overnight and when I took the headband out Friday morning, my hair was too curly. I looked like a lion. My husband said it was nice but I knew better. I kept it in for about 2 hours on Saturday and here are the results....
I put some product in it so it wouldn't fall completely flat in a matter of minutes. I like. I like very much. I wish I could do it before work but I would have to wake up at 4 to give it two hours to set. Not interested. 

My little town had their annual Wine Stroll event on Saturday so me and my friend/coworker Lindsay went galavanting through the streets drinking some wine. She did more of a wine tasting while I did more of wine drinking. Meaning? I was kinda wasted.
It was also HOT so we sat on a bench and took a break.

And purchased 4 bottles of water.

And I made the best purchase of 2011. A wine glass holder necklace. Yes, I went there. I was already three sheets to the wind at this point. True story: We walked out of the store and decided to go for another couple tastings when I freaked out and yelled "WHERE IS MY CUP???"

Yeah, its around your neck, you big dummy. You know, in the wine glass necklace you JUST purchased. And its not a cup. Its a wine glass. #toomuchwine. We were laughing so hard we were crying and people were staring at us. I dusted my shame off and off we went. The next stop had cupcakes so I was thrilled. Then we went home and I had two plates of nachos at our UFC party.

My cat took an adorable nap. I bet I don't look this cute while I sleep.

And then she went into the pantry, jumped into this shopping bag and hid. She does that a lot.

On Sunday, I saw The Help. Eh. I liked it ok. I liked the visualization I made of the book in my own head much better. I know they can't include everything from the book in the movie but I thought they left out some good plot points. I'm currently reading Water for Elephants and I'm debating on whether or not to watch the movie when I'm done. Any thoughts about that?

I hope everyone else had a great weekend! And if you hair allows, try that curling technique! It is really cool and easy!


The Borchert Family said...

Really? You got drunk on the city streets of Dixon? You are home.

Mama Parker said...

It takes a lot to get me to go see a movie (and sit in disgusting seats), so I don't go often, but I have no desire to see The Help or Water for Elephants (might Netflix them later...maybe), but the books are always better!

Lisa said...

Cute hair! A good glass of wine sounds soooo good! Looks like you had fun. I wish I could find more time to read. I started Water for Elephants awhile ago and haven't gotten very far. :( I am always napping and too tired at night. I want to read The Help too someday, but I delinitely never make it to the movies. Maybe I'll end up renting them.