Friday, August 26, 2011

Hanging my face on our walls

I'll start by saying this is just my personal preference and I'm not knocking anyone who does differently.

We have a lot of walls in our house. Tall, short, wide, narrow. Walls for days. We decided to do our staircase picture wall with pictures of friends, family and scenic photos from our honeymoon and other trips we have taken together. Below is a collage of the only pictures out of about 30 that are of us alone.

Top left: San Francisco 
Top right: Our wedding
Bottom Left: Maui for our honeymoon
Bottom right: Our wedding

We have a great mantle and thought it would be a great place for a wedding picture or two. But here is the thing....I feel weird having pictures of myself hanging around the house. So the picture we picked out to place on the mantle was of champagne flutes in focus and us blurry in the back. The clock used to play Beatles songs every hour but it disrupted our t.v. shows so I turned the sound off. Priorities.

There is something about seeing my face lurking on the walls that skeeves me out. We have a 11x13 engagement photo with a signature mat from my bridal shower that my husband wants me to frame and hang up but I don't have a clue where to put it. In the bedroom? No thanks. I don't want to stare at a picture of myself on the wall day in and day out. Especially if that picture is isolated and not part of a collage (like our staircase collage).

Whenever we get around to painting this wall (this needs to move to the top of the to do list) I plan to hang scenic pictures from trips we have taken together. Tahoe, Maui, Kona, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, New York and Washington D.C. Will these pictures include our faces? Maybe one or two but certainly not all.
We really need to get rid of that old console. To do list: put on Craigslist.

What are your thoughts about hanging large pictures of yourself in your home?


Kelly Jean said...

I know what you mean. Most of the pictures on our fridge and walls are beautiful artwork or pictures of my stepson. I sometimes find it a little strange when people have lots of (especially large) pictures of themselves on their walls. Buuut - I don't think a couple looks bad! Maybe your favorite one or two. There HAS to be *some* pictures that you really like of yourself. You guys have been to some AMAZING places and you're a BEAUTIFUL couple! Show that off, girl! :)

Mama Parker said...

My philosophy is that framed photos should celebrate life, memories, people, loved ones, etc. We have our engagement photo framed with signatures hanging in the hallway to our bedroom, we have a couple of wedding photos in nice frames, and one printed on canvas. I have a lot of photos of the kids and I have recently gotten into framing photos of both my husband and myself when we were kids. It's good to be reminded and what better way than to look at a picture.