Monday, August 15, 2011

Late to the Mad Men party

This weekend while my husband was at a baseball game, I was browsing through Netflix and saw that all 4 seasons of Mad Men were streaming. I had a good 4 hours before my husband would be home so I decided to turn it on and see what the big deal was about this show I'd heard so much about. The verdict?

LOVE IT. It is so low key that I was hooked without even realizing it. I needed to see what happened next so I watched one episode and then another and then another. I had to take a bit of a break but it was all I could think about. I got through the first 7 episodes of season one on Saturday. When I woke up Sunday morning, I watched 8-13. I was mad that I had to start doing housework instead of starting up Season 2. So Betty Draper of me to do housework, right?!

My husband seems overwhelmed at the idea of watching the remaining 3 seasons but it is only 39 episodes and the new season isn't set to air until next year. A season a weekend perhaps? Or we could spread it to an episode a night for the next month and a half. Whatever we do, I have to do it fast because the urge to get online and read about it is overwhelming and I'd like to avoid spoilers.

Do you watch any shows years after they start? Do you watch Mad Men? No spoilers please!


Patty said...

We got into Mad Men maybe 6 months ago and marathoned our way through all 4 season in a few weeks. You're right, it kind of quietly hooks you. There's nothing that makes you scream, "omg, I LOVE this show!" but before you know it, you can't stop watching. Have fun!

Megan said...

Oh yes. I watched the first two (three?) seasons of Mad Men on DVD and then the most recent season on TV. I cannot wait for the new season which has been a long time coming and still may not be until 2012 at the earliest. I am now working through Modern Family on DVD. Hilarious.

The Jesse said...

I've never seen Mad Men but me and my husband are currently watching The Big Bang Theory on DVD from Netflix. We are on the 2nd season. We also recently just caught up and watched all the seasons of The Rules of Engagement and plan to start How I Met Your Mother after we get up to date on Big Bang. We really enjoy the 30 minute comedies :)

xoxo, dania said...

i just got into the OC! i don't watch mad men, but it sounds like a good one to start!