Friday, August 12, 2011

New York: Day 4....headed home

Our last day in New York and final day of our vacation. Somehow, we managed to stuff our suitcases full of our clothes, shoes and purchases we made along the way and checked our bags into the bell hop before eating breakfast and taking a cab to Pier 78 for our Skyline Cruise. It was a fantastic day in New York. It wasn't too humid so the sky was clear of any haze. For some reason, it took us nearly 4 days to notice that the Chrysler Building was within view from the street outside of the hotel. DUH. IMG_3112


Rockefeller Center

 The boat tour was awesome. Our guide was great and had some great information about the area. It was wonderful to see the views of the city from the water. IMG_3133


The new One World Trade Center building
Ellis Island

Obviously edited to improve color :)

The Brooklyn Bridge

Heading up the East River looking back at Downtown

Great shot of the Chrysler Building

Favorite Picture!!! I'm glad I asked a nice lady on the boat to take our picture. This turned out so great. Love

 it. IMG_3221 
New Jersey on the left, New York on the right

There she is!



I was standing next to Chris and noticed the reflection of the skyline in his sunglasses. "Hold still!" IMG_3269



This is the pier where the Titanic should have docked! 

 We took a very bumpy cab ride through Hell's Kitchen back to Rockefeller Center where we had lunch and walked back to our hotel for the last time. We got in the airport shuttle for another bumpy, fast, insane ride out to JFK and boarded our plane home. I was happy to get back to the Left Coast but sad to leave such an amazing place. I really loved New York and I can't wait to go back and see the other sights the city has to offer. 

 Thanks for reading about our vacation. We now return to regularly scheduled posts about infertility, my cat and complaints about reality shows.


Angie said...

*sigh* so beautiful!!!
i can NOT wait until my trip next april, it's something i've always dreamed of doing.

i did hear on the news the other day that they were closing down the statue of liberty for a year. she's getting a complete make over. :/

The Jesse said...

WOW oh WOW. You guys had a great trip! I loved reading your recaps and seeing the photos. Especially of NYC from the top of the Empire State Building at night.