Thursday, August 4, 2011

Washington DC Day Three

This morning would be my last chance to get to the Pentagon so I decided to wake up early and spend some time there. I had to be at Georgetown Cupcake at 10:00 to pick up my order and we had to be at the National Archives at 10:45. It was going to be a tight squeeze to get it all in but I was leaving pretty early so I felt ok.

The Pentagon was just three stops away and I was on the train with a lot of military personnel going to work. It was kind of exciting! I had some trouble finding the 9/11 Memorial because the signs were pointing all sorts of directions. For the future, you come out of the metro and go right around the building. The signs point left towards a smaller parking lot but that is wrong. Turn right and walk alongside the building to get there. Your welcome. I looked like a loon walking back and forth several times.

 Each bench represents a person who lost their life that day at the Pentagon site. The benches facing right are those lost on the plane and the ones facing left were people that were in the Pentagon.

 There names are etched on each bench. This was the youngest person who passed. She was three years old. Her family members names are listed below, in the area where the water is.

The order of the benches is determined by birth year of each victim. This is the "zero line" and the first bench after this is 1998, the year Dana was born.
The gap between the two rows represents the gap in years between Dana and her sister, who was the next victim. The rows continue on all the way until 1930 which was the oldest person who perished.

There was a group of media people gathering at the Memorial so I asked a security officer what was going on. He said that it was media day so reporters could get interviews and such for the 10th Anniversary specials that every news and media outlet will be showing in September. I stuck around hoping someone would interview me, the lonely tourist chick at the memorial at 8:45 a.m. but that didn't happen so I left.

I took the metro back to the hotel so I could dump my stuff and walk leisurely swiftly quickly to Georgetown Cupcake. They opened at 10 and I had to be there so I could hustle back to the hotel. Because I pre-ordered online, I could walk right in to get my stash of sugar.

Georgetown is cute.

Yes, that is a line of people waiting outside. Fools. I got my cupcakes and seriously booked it back to the hotel. I passed by Sprinkles and felt bad. Not a soul in the store. The workers looked bored. If I didn't have a half dozen cupcakes in my hand from their competitor, I would have stepped in to buy some more!

I made it back to the hotel and we decided to catch a cab to the Archives since we had limited time. Ugh. We should have just taken the train. It didn't really take us any longer but we paid for a Metrocard and should use it.
Buy VIP entrance tickets online before going! We had virtually no wait time (except through security) while the line for the regular folks stretched outside into the heat. Once inside, we went straight to the Charters of Freedom aka Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution. No pictures allowed of course. We moved throughout the rest of the exhibits before leaving for our next adventure. LUNCH!

We ate lunch at Austin Grill which was quite yum. I had sweet potato fries which are my newest obsession. Then we walked up the street to the National Portrait Gallery. I loved this place.
 The guy who invented the faux-hawk

 Juliette Low, creator of the Girl Scouts


 Katherine Hepburn's Oscars

 I married an A's fan. 

I love the architecture in DC.

From there, we walked over to see the other side of the White House

I look busted. It was so hot that day!

We went back to our hotel to rest and shower. Tonight would be our last night in DC and we were doing the Monuments by Moonlight tour that left out of Union Station. This was an amazing tour. If you go to DC, you must do this. The pictures speak volumes. Picture overload ahead....

 The Supreme Court

 The Library of Congress

 Thomas Jefferson

 The obsession with the Washington Monument continues....

 Beautiful sky over the Potomac

 Leaving the Jefferson Memorial and moving onto the...

 Lincoln Memorial. Sorry I made this so big. I just love it.

 The Korean War Memorial. This was truly amazing. I'm so glad we went at night because it was so haunting in the darkness.

 Iwo Jima. Stunning.

This tour was advertised as 2.5 hours but we pulled back into Union Station just shy of 3 hours later. No one minded. Our tour guide (Jason) was perfection and gave us so many wonderful stories and was willing to answer any questions we had. Aside from the wonderful sights, he was the gem of the tour.

We got back to our hotel room at about 11 and we had to be up at 5 a.m. and go back to Union Station to take the train to New York. We were sad our time in DC was over because we just had the best time. It is a place we hope to return to and explore so many more of the sights.


Jaime and Josh said...

I love all your pics and commentary....
One question, how were the cupcakes? lol:p

Michelle said...

The cupcakes were really good! I got them on a Tuesday morning and ate the last one Friday night and it wasn't stale at all. Very tasty! Although, the one from Crumbs that I ate on Monday night was AMAZING.

Kimberly Michelle said...

I have to say one of my favorite memories of my summer living in DC was a midnight tour of all the sights. It's so nice to see them devoid of tourists and shining in the light... and to visit them without the humidity. I can still bring the picture to my mind of the Lincoln Memorial... and the FDR memorial. I took pictures of all the quotes... and they were fuzzy in the low light but I still cherish them 15 years later.

Jaime and Josh said...

I just googled Crumbs!
That place looks dangerously yummy,super tempted to order for a special occasion in the future!
What flavor did you get?
BTW I love reading your blog :)

Patty said...

The midnight tour looks amazing! That picture of the Lincoln Memorial is really great!