Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Washington DC Day Two

It was wonderful to get a full night sleep in a comfortable bed in an air conditioned hotel room. We were ready to dive right in when we woke up Monday morning. Today was Museum Day. First up, The Holocaust Museum. But first, we walked down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the White House and took a few pictures there before going to the White House Visitors Center and gift shop.

Don't be jealous of my awesome outfit. I stood out as a tourist more than anyone on earth has ever stood out.

I spent $5.00 at a White House gift shop so I could get my picture taken at this desk. I insisted on sitting down and having Chris be my first lady man.

Don't most Presidents wear a spandex workout shirt while they reside over important affairs?

Some pictures from other things we saw on the way around town today:



Lots of signs to help us tourists find our way around town.

We walked through the Mall and I started what became a deep, dark obsession with taking pictures of the Washington Monument.

Red face. Sweaty. HOT. 

The Holocaust Museum. I don't have pictures because you aren't allowed to take any but this was an amazing experience. We entered the Permanent Exhibit at 11:15 after walking around the rest of the museum and it took us about 2 hours to get through it. It was overwhelming, emotionally taxing but extremely interesting. You wonder how something like that could happen in the first place and you hope and pray that nothing like that ever happens in the United States or anywhere else ever again. 

Look up at the picture of me above. Now read on: We walked out of the museum to some light rain. We heard a rumbling behind us, turned around and saw the rain storm moving our direction. It hit us like a ton of bricks and we had no where to hide. We ran to a tree and stood there for a couple of minutes before seeing that the Dept. of Agriculture building had a walkway that we could stand under. But we had to run about two blocks to get there so we were SOAKED! I hated to say I was cold but I was! We decided that we couldn't move onto the Natural History Museum at this point so we hailed a cab and went back to our hotel to dry off and change clothes. (It was SO sunny and hot in the morning!)

After a quick costume change, we went to the National Museum of Natural History. I think the rain drove people inside because this place was crammed full of people. And when I say people, I mean small, loud children. We were super hungry so we went to the food court first and paid $30 for a pulled pork sandwich, two drinks, a cookie and a square slice of pizza. We spent $30 the night before at an actual restaurant and I had a milkshake! Don't eat at food courts.

This museum was just ok. Stuffed animals don't really do it when we've been to some pretty cool zoos. The dinosaur part was cool and there were a few other exhibits that were neat but mostly, it just felt like a place for kids because really, there aren't many places in DC that kids would really, really enjoy.

 The USA at night as seen from space. Pretty cool, right?

 This reminded us of our kitty. 

 This was an interesting chart

 I probably should lighten this up. Sorry.

 The Hope Diamond. People were surrounding this like they were giving it out. 



A big ass cluster of sparkly purple stuff

We passed by this Dippin' Dots vending machine when we got there and my husband vowed to return to it. He loves him some dippin' dots.

Next, we walked across The Mall to the Air and Space Museum. This was the highlight of the DC trip for my husband.

Nice man purse, my love!

We saw planes and rockets and stuff. Honestly, I was bored. It was the third museum of the day, my feet were KILLING me and I just don't share my husbands enthusiasm for airplanes.




To close out the day, we took a short walk up to the Capitol. Sadly, we didn't have time in our trip to go inside and do the tour. Another "next time" thing to do.


So beautiful!

We walked down to the subway and when we got back to the metro stop near our hotel, my husband noticed that he didn't have his wallet. Wonderful. He either dropped it in the train (that was now three stops up) or dropped it at the station 5 stops away. We talked to the attendant and he called the station we came from and he had found it on the ground. THANK GOODNESS. I was stressed. Chris took the metro back to get his wallet and I went to the hotel to rest. We were too tired and it was almost 9:00 so we ordered salads from room service and ate dinner in our pj's. 

Our last day in DC was upon us and we both thought our time went too fast!

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Patty said...

Wow, that's a LOT of museum in one day! I'm so glad Chris didn't lose his wallet, that would have sucked so hard!