Monday, August 8, 2011

World's Most Expensive T-Shirt

I've lost track of how many softball seasons I've played in but I think it is about 6 or 7. Last night, our 5th seeded team (out of 6 teams) fought our way into the championship game. We had to play back to back games to get there and then as we walked over to the field to play the 1st place team, we were faced with our arch nemesis. The team that has won the title season after season. They are practically unbeatable and have stopped us from moving forward in the playoffs in the past. This team has played together for YEARS and they really should be in a more advanced league because they hand out ass whooping after ass whooping. It is sad.

But last night was different. Our team JUMPED on them early in the game and never looked back. We had a couple of stressful innings where we stopped scoring and they were piling on the runs but luckily, we scored so much the first two innings (I think 16 runs total!) that it gave us a cushion. They were defeated. And in the end, we defeated them. I know it seems silly to be this dramatic over a freaking co-ed recreation league slow pitch softball game but we were elated. I had such huge butterflies in my stomach the entire game and when we made that last out, I had to stop myself from crying tears of joy. It was a great moment for us. I'm so thankful for having such awesome teammates who have become friends.

Our next season starts on Sunday and all the pressure is on us as CHAMPIONS!!!!

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