Friday, September 30, 2011

Fitness Week: Why workout?

Why exercise?

Why not? Exercise doesn't mean going to a gym. Exercising should be fun. You should find something that you love. Get your heart rate up, sweat a little, evaluate how you feel. I almost promise that after you exercise, you will feel incredible. And if you don't? You won't.

I skipped my workout on Thursday. I had a very stressful day which completely killed my energy. I was almost falling asleep on my drive home at 4:30. I should have gone to the gym. I should have driven the 3 miles and at least sat on the stationary bike and peddled for a bit. But I didn't. I stayed home. I ate dinner, took out the garbage and watched Project Runway. That habit is breaking and it will be 100 times harder to go today but I must.


Because no one ever regretted working out.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fitness Week: Workin' the Weights

In my post on Monday, Jen asked in the comments what type of weight training I do. A couple weeks ago, my answer was none. I do none weight training. But with the encouragement of my husband, I have started to add weights into my routine and now find myself cutting into my cardio just so I'll have the energy and desire to hit the weights.

If there aren't a ton of dudes in the gym, I'll sit on a workout bench and lift some free weights until my arms hurt. I told my husband that I want to be sore and he suggested doing at least 20 reps. I usually do 12 so I've been trying to push myself, even if it means using a lower weight at first.

If the gym is full of meatheads (sorry, but it is true. They look like meatheads), I'll do a circuit on the stationary weight machines. They aren't so bad and easy to use. I took some crappy pictures with my phone the other day. I was working on my arms (so flabby!) so these pictures are all upper body machines.

 My view from the eliptical machine, which I'm stuck using until my stupid calf feels better.

Chest and biceps I think. I like this one the most because I can set it to 40 pounds. I be strong!

Bench press type machine. This thing really makes me feel weak. I can only lift 30 pounds. 

I use this attachment to work on my tricep so I don't get flappy bye bye arms. I set the machine to 20 or 30 pounds. I also do pull downs with this at about 40-50 pounds. 

I think this is for your back and biceps too. I also like this one because I can lift more. But when I use it, I make a grunting noise so that is a bit embarrassing. 

This is what I wear to the gym. An old tank top from H&M (it has holes and hair dye stains on it), cheap shorts from Sports Authority and a Nike sports bra that makes me look like I have fake boobs. When I'm on the treadmill at the gym, I can see my reflection in the tv and I'm almost ashamed. The sports bra gives me HUGE boobs. And this picture is taken in my skinny mirror. I love and hate that thing. My thighs are way bigger than that.

Other machines I love are any leg machine. I have really strong thighs (hence their tree trunk size) and I like to challenge myself to see how much I can leg press. I've started using to leg press machine where you add the weight discs and I use 45 lbs on each side. On the stationary machine, I can leg press 110 pounds. 

I have to say that now that I have started a weight training routine, I rather enjoy it. It gives me more to do at the gym than just cardio and I know that adding resistance training is so important, especially as I get older. If you need some help getting into weight training, my advice is to start small. Maybe even get some hand weights to have at home and use them while watching tv. Every little bit counts. Don't be afraid to try things at the gym. It feels SO GOOD to notice yourself getting stronger. I used to think that weight training was boring (I kind of still do) but I just force myself to do it because I know I'm getting a more complete workout that way. 

What are your keys to weight training? Any additional exercises you can share with the class?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fitness Week: Unconventional Exercise

These might be huge DUH suggestions but when the treadmill, eliptical and free weights become boring, step out of your routine and try something new!

1. Organized (or unorganized) Sports: For about two years now I've been playing recreation co-ed softball. I never played softball but this is *just for fun. I try my best to get as much exercise as I can out of each game. I run on and off the field, I run my hardest if/when I get on base and I try to stand up in the dugout instead of sitting down. During our championship run, we played three games in a row so I was quite sore the next day. Bursting off of a base and quickly stopping on the next one really does a number to your thighs. There is usually a fee if you are playing through a city rec department but it is well worth it. I have so much fun with my husband and friends, get to keep my competitive edge alive and gets me out of the house for a bit on a Sunday afternoon.

2. Gardening: I realize not everyone owns a home but boy oh boy, gardening is seriously backbreaking work. Kneeling, bending, squating. All good things for toning those legs and backs. Shoveling and clipping work out your arms and you can get a bit of a tan at the same time!

3. Swimming: While swimming isn't unconventional, it might not be something you think of doing often if you don't have a pool in your backyard. I grew up swimming and I miss it so much. When we lived in our apartment, the gym we belonged to had this great lap pool and during the summer months, I loved swimming laps for 45 minutes. I was amazed at how fast I was able to go from being exhausted after 4 laps to being able to swim 20+ without stopping. Fall and winter are approaching so this one might not be possible for long but swimming is a great form of exercise.

4. Long, aimless walks: I love going on walks but my husband gets bored and never will go with me. (Please harass him about this in the comments) Walking doesn't have to feel like exercise. You walk at a slow pace but you are indeed working out your muscles. In July, I wanted a slurpee from 7-11 so I decided to walk there. It was 90 degrees out and 7-11 was 2.0 miles (one way) but I did it anyways. Sure, I regretted it once I got there and my slurpee melted almost immediately but I got some exercise and felt a sense of accomplishment (and regret) when I was done. Walk to get ice cream before the weather gets too cold!

What are some of your unconventional exercise methods?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Post on Kimberly Michelle

My talented and amazing friend Kim asked me to write a guest post for her blog and I thought "Why not take my wordiness somewhere else on the internet!?" Gladly!

While you are over there, take a look at the incredible content on her blog. She has fantastic craft and recipe posts as well as links to great pieces of Disney inspired art. Kim loves her some Disney! Plus, her daughter is an absolute doll. I once pushed her around in her stroller through the streets of San Francisco while Kim shopped a sample sale. Yes, people leave their children with me while they shop. If you are need of this service, I'm available for a low rate.

You can find my post on her blog Kimberly Michelle. A big HELLO to anyone who is clicking over to my blog after reading my post on Kim's blog. I hope you stick around. It's fun over here!

Happy reading!

The guest post is fitness related so it does not break from Fitness Week. Tomorrow's post will be about unconventional exercise.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fitness Week: Finding Your Motivation

Whenever I tell myself that I should lose weight/workout more/workout harder/stop eating crap, I find a million reasons not to follow through 100%. I guess I just need to hit rock bottom before trying to pull myself up from the heap I have left behind.

On those days that going to the gym (or even going for a walk, putting in a workout dvd) seems like the most miserable thing in the world, here are some tricks that put me into a tailspin and find my running for my workout clothes.

1. Pinching Myself: This seems really morbid and awful but nothing gets me to the gym faster than pinching and grabbing those trouble areas. My trouble areas reside in 3 places: hips, butt and thighs. How the HECK did my ass get so big? Those are beyond love handles! I know a 1 hour workout won't get rid of them but it does feel good to know that I'm doing something to get rid of my problem areas.

2. Weighing your options: You know you should go exercise but sitting on the couch sounds like a better idea. You know by the end of the night, you will be kicking yourself for not exercising and that will probably effect the way you sleep. No one ever regretted exercising, right? It will only make you feel BETTER. Take a second to think about it and make the decision to JUST DO IT. Nike really hit the nail on the head with that phrase.

3. Buy yourself something new: New socks. New shoelaces. A new sports bra. New headphones. New music on your iPod. A new ponytail holder. Buy something new that you will use at the gym. New workout clothes always motivate me to workout. Heck, I've been known to buy songs directly from my iPhone while working out on the treadmill. You don't have to spend much!

4. Fashion Show! Nothing depresses me more than old clothes that no longer fit because my problem areas have grown (or as I like to claim, the clothes have shrunk!). If I'm having that internal battle of "should I go or should I sit on the couch", I go into my closet and grab an old shirt or pair a jean and try to squeeze them on. Tight. Unflattering. Muffin Top. Time to exercise.

5. Creating a habit: I don't like taking even one day off from the gym. It breaks my routine and makes it even more difficult to go the next time. Like I said, I actually love working out. 90% of the time, I don't need to be convinced to go to the gym. Today, I have a really sore area on my calf from softball yesterday. I told myself that I would take the day off but really, the habit is more important than the exercise so I'll go to the gym and do some weights that don't bother my injury. Just go. Even if it is for 30 minutes. Get in the habit and make it a part of your routine just like taking a shower, eating dinner or going to work is a part of your daily life.

What are you main motivators for exercising?

Fitness Week

I am designating this week to be Fitness Week on See Michelle Blog. I'm not a personal trainer or a professional athlete but I do love to exercise using basic equipment found at my small gym so I thought I would spend the week sharing some tips and information about how I work out. Exercising and sports have always been a huge part of my life and I swear, if I didn't love junk food, I would seriously be really trim and in good shape. Damn you chocolate!

I haven't yet finalized the topics I am going to post about so I am happy to take suggestions! Please leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to write about fitness and exercise information that you want to know about.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Stuff my husband says

Me: No one comments on my blog anymore. Well, my mom does sometimes but no one has commented on my last few posts.

Husband: You have to comment on other blogs and write about interesting stuff.

Me: I do and I do! Well, interesting to me. I realize no one really cares about Kitty Prison or they think I suck as a pet owner. If I can ever get pregnant, I'm sure more people will read my blog then. Mommies like reading blogs and judging other moms. I'll take it.

Husband: Just pretend you're pregnant. No one will know.

Me: You are weird.

Have a good weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitty Prison

That sweet face has been sentenced to Kitty Prison. Her crime? Violation of code 6.7.8: All pets must allow their owners to sleep in until an alarm clock tells them to wake up or in the case of Saturdays and Sundays, they may sleep however long they would like.

Kitty has broken this law several times over the past month. And by several times, I mean every single morning. She hops off of our bed at 4:00 a.m. and if she could talk she would scream "I'M READY TO WAKE UP SO YOU HAVE TO GET UP TOO YOU LAZY BUMS!" But since she can't talk, she communicates this point by scratching the side of our bed, scratching the carpet in our room, going outside of our bedroom door and scratching the corner spot to the point of ripping the threads out of the carpet. She is all around disruptive and rude. RUDE!

I told my husband that I would be putting her in our guest bathroom with a bowl of water when she wakes up in the morning. He protested until I reminded him that he wanted to put her in the kitty carrier. Umm hello!? At least in the bathroom she can roam around, look out a window and hop on and off the counters. Her kitty carrier would literally be a prison cell.

This morning at 4:00 a.m. she hopped off the bed and walked around the room for a second before scratching the side of the bed. I got out of bed, picked her up and placed her in the bathroom. I turned the light on in the toilet/shower section and closed the door. She has a bowl of water in there if she needs it. I'll put a toy or two in there as well. I went back to bed, closing our door so we wouldn't have to hear her cries. But I don't think she cried at all. My husband got out of bed at 5:30 and I got up to let her out. Within minutes she ran back to that bathroom. As long as she likes it in there!
I'll let you know that this became such a problem that after trying to comfort and love her Sunday morning at 4:45 a.m., I fell back into bed crying because I just had no idea what to do and all I wanted to do was sleep. This is a CAT we are dealing with here. Practice for baby I guess. But we can't lock a kid in the bathroom.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge

I saw this Photography Challenge on Twitter and thought it would be a fun way to use my camera for something other than taking pictures of my cat.
source: via Merissa on Pinterest via Our Wired Lives

The Challenge starts on October 1. I think I'll post my pictures for the week each Friday of the month. I'm really looking forward to using this as a reason to take a few minutes away from busy life, the tv and chores to go in search of something neat to photograph! 

Will you join me? I'd love to see other bloggers posting their pictures (either daily or weekly or whenever).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TV Time!!!

Fall TV shows are back! This makes me happy and overwhelmed. Sad, right? I'm already a week behind on some shows that started last week and the week before because this weekend was too busy to catch up. I'm looking forward to sitting my behind on the couch and killing some major brain cells this weekend.

Our typical tv week looks something like this:

Sunday: Amazing Race (starts 9/25); Chris will watch Family Guy (9/25)

Monday: Nothing. Maybe a catch up night. I quit Gossip Girl last year, mid-season. Maybe I'll tune in and see if I can get sucked back in. I just lost interest in the SAME story line over and over again.

Tuesday: Parenthood (100% a DVR show for us)

Wednesday: Survivor, Modern Family, Top Chef Just Desserts (DVR)

Thursday: Busy night! Project Runway (me); Jersey Trash Shore(Chris); Parks and Rec; The Office; 30 Rock (in January)

Friday: DVR or Netflix night

Saturday: SNL (DVR, watch Sunday morning)

I used to watch a lot more but I grew tired of The Biggest Loser and I've been American Idol free for two years. I'm not into singing shows anymore so I won't watch The X Factor and Dancing with the Stars is just so awful and cheesy, I can't sit through an entire episode.

We watched 4 seasons (52 episodes) of Mad Men in 5 weeks so now we are sad and have to wait until March for the new season. Chris mentioned possibly watching Boardwalk Empire but I don't know if I want to commit to another show. Is it good? Mad Men is just so awesome. I miss it already.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Pep Talk

As I was standing in right field (AKA No Man's Land) during my softball game last night, I thought about my weight. I thought about the weather getting colder and needing to be able to fit into my pants again. Pants that might be too tight. Shameful, Michelle. SHAMEFUL!

I thought about the choices I make. The trips to the vending machine. The stops to get a donut before work. The pleading I do with myself that it is okay to have these things every now and again. But "now and again" has turned into "much too often."

I don't smoke. I rarely drink. I don't talk on my cell phone while driving (I use hands free only). I don't take a lot of risks in my life. I'm Betty By the Book. I follow the rules. I wish I could follow the rules that will lead me to a more comfortable weight. I wish I could switch off that urge to indulge in junk food so often.

Chocolate tastes good. Donuts taste good. I don't need them. You don't NEED them. Step away. My life will not be miserable if I don't eat a candy bar every single day. Is there a patch or a gum that can help me? No. Smokers have it so easy. (Kidding)

Those voices in my head are so conflicted and often, the fat, chocolate loving voice wins out. I need to switch her off. I know what is right. I know I can do it. I can stop myself from grabbing .75 cents and getting a Milky Way. It is possible.

But if you find an anti-chocolate patch, please let me know.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Friday

Kitty hiding in a shopping bag in our pantry. Cats are silly!

Random guy trying to keep cool with a wool scarf around his head. I don't know.

I don't wear Kelly Green and Gold so I wore pink to support Breast Cancer on Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the ballpark. My husband rocks the pink scarf. ROCKS IT.
Have a good weekend everyone! I have to work tomorrow (BOOO) but after work, I get to spend time with my family (YAY). Hope your weekend is spent with love, laughter and happiness.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Help me please

I have a headache from hell. It started Saturday night after the baseball game. My mom thought it was from the alcoholic beverage that I drank. Does alcohol stay in your system for 3.5 days? I had ONE drink. Cherry flavored vodka with coke.

I've taken tylenol. I've taken two different types of allergy medicine. I've rested. I've drank water. I took out my contacts since the pain is somewhat located behind my eyes. I've taken off my glasses but then I can't see what I'm doing.

The pain Saturday night felt like a migraine. It was minor on Sunday. Manageable. Monday I felt dizzy, a little sick to my stomach and I slept for hours and hours. No medicine worked. Monday night I felt a little bit better but still groggy.

This morning, I'm at my desk in serious pain. My head feels warm but I don't have a fever. I feel a little sick to my stomach. I took tylenol exactly one hour ago and I feel no difference in the amount of pain. It may have actually made it worse.

I emailed my doctor to see if she has any suggestions. I would go home but I have a very important meeting at 12:30 that I'm going to try to sit through. I'm not sure what good it would do to go home anyways since resting isn't making it go away.

Any suggestions? I need a cure!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brian Wilson drives the bat mobile

This is going to be a long, diary type post. Stick with me. I had an exciting weekend.

Saturday morning, I took BART (public transit in the bay area) to my mom's awesome San Francisco condo. After a quick tour, we took two buses down to City Hall to watch the 9/11 Memorial.

After the beautiful ceremony, we took BART to the Ferry Building to meet up with my aunt and uncle who were in town. We went back to my mom's apartment and we rested up a bit before heading over to AT&T Park for the Giant's game.

 SO many people!

I don't know how my mom will ever want to leave this condo!

The game was awful. It was like watching a little league team play. Ugh. Plus, I had a horrible headache and I had to leave my seat after the 6th inning because the people behind me were screaming in my ear the whole game. The lady had NO CLUE what was going on and asked if they served beverages in the ballpark. WHAT? Also, after the second pitch, the guy yelled " Kill the Umpire!" Um ok freak.

Sunday morning made the day awesome. Me and my mom took Muni down to the Ferry Building to meet up with my sister who was taking the ferry to The City for the day to go to the game with us. While wandering around the ferry building, we were approached by a lady who asked if we were going to the game. She needed people to help carry and unfurl the Star Spangled Banner during the 9/11 ceremony at the game. I barely let her finish before saying "YES." We got the details and were so so so excited. We walked the 1.2 miles back to my mom's apartment and then walked across the street to the ballpark for our duties. 

Holy cow people. A moment I won't forget. I have a couple of screen caps from the videos I saw of the ceremony online. It was incredible and such an honor and a complete mind trip to be standing on the field!
 I looked up on the big screen during the National Anthem and my butt was totally on the screen. Awesome. There I am, with the arrow over me! My mom is to my right and my sister is on the other side of the flag, to my left.

There I am again! My sister was a "puller" and had to run backwards with the flag. She is in the forefront, standing to the left of the guy in the red shirt. 

We walked off the field and were STOKED. Our seats were straight up from home plate in the LAST ROW of the stadium. Quite the hike up the stairs but the view is breathtaking.

 This lady was yelling at people 10 rows in front of her when they stood up. She would scream "SIT DOWN". It was scary and hilarious. I was SO tempted to yell it at her when she came back from the bathroom.

 My favorite, Cody Ross.

 Lou Seal!

LADY. Wake up! It is an exciting game!

Thank goodness the Giants won this game. It was a great day. We had some frozen yogurt and then walked back to the Ferry Building so me and my sister could take the ferry back home. While walking along the Embarcadero, we saw Brian Wilson, SF Giants closer. 


And this is his truck. It looks like the bat mobile. 

 It was strange leaving my mom there but San Francisco is her home for the next week. What a fantastic but exhausting weekend. I had a headache almost the entire time and woke up this morning with it still there. I just took some allergy meds and it is almost gone so I'm glad it was allergies and not something else!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Remember. Reflect.




I long for the day when this country that I love so much returns to a state of unity instead of division. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Livin' the Dream

Based on this picture, I'd say that retirement is pretty awesome. How many years do I have left?

The view of AT&T Park from my mom's home for the next couple of weeks. Not too shabby. And I'm SUPER EXCITED to be spending the weekend there with her and attending two Giant's games. I love being at sporting events and I'll get to see a night game and a day game so really, it is the best of both worlds. And garlic fries. And probably a chocolate malt ice cream to bring me back to my childhood and going to games at Candlestick.

Memories. I love making new ones.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stagnant and Undecided

It has been a lovely summer free of decisions and choices and thought. The biggest decision we made this summer was where to go to lunch in Washington D.C. and who is going to clean the kitchen.

But in the back of my mind, thoughts of doctor appointments, fertility medications and stirrups fill my mind. And if I can be completely honest, having these topics free from the forefront of my thoughts has been quite pleasant. Trying to make a baby is stressful. I've enjoyed not worrying about taking sick time from work and injecting myself with needles and handing over mucho dinero for appointments and prescriptions.

The conflict arises when I realize that we are without a baby and unless I make a doctor appointment, we will continue to be without a baby. The pain of those negative pregnancy tests still hurt my heart. And even now, each arrival of my period is another reminder that we can't do this on our own but we also haven't had success with medical intervention. What is the answer? I think we might only have a couple more shots at the treatments that we can afford before our doctor will most likely throw out the big, expensive letters.

I.V.F. :gulp:

We have a lot to think about and a lot to act on and I'm not sure when this part of the roller coaster will end.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If the jeans don't fit, you must not quit

I wore jeans the other night. I can't even remember why I had to put jeans on but it was a good choice at the time. When I pulled them over my hips and stomach, the tightness could not be ignored.

Here we go again. Last weekend was not ideal for healthy eating. I went to a baseball game on Sunday and on Monday, we had a bbq. There is ice cream and soda in the house. And this upcoming weekend I'm going to TWO baseball games. Hold me.

I'm finally going to put the Lose It! App to work after it is has been sitting on my phone going unused for months. I'm feeling the need to detox a bit after this past weekend. My weekdays need to be better controlled so I can let loose a little bit on my weekends. Especially this week! Plus, the warm weather is almost gone so no more skirts and dresses. Pants are so restricting and don't really give like skirts and dresses do so I need to make sure I fit into the clothes in my dresser before October hits.

I wish this wasn't a constant battle. I wish I was better at maintaining. I wish I had the will power to say NO like I know I do deep down inside. I can make the change today, tomorrow and the next day and know that progress will encourage me not to look back.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I really dislike math (of the algebra variety) but I love playing with simple numbers. Working with our budget, paying bills and moving money around can be extremely annoying and frustrating but I get the thrill of victory when I successfully put things in place.

I did a bit of a self-audit the other day and noticed WOW, we spend a lot of unnecessary money. I want to live life and have a good time but I also realize that we need to be financially responsible, especially in these tough economic times (it is such a cliche to say that, isn't it?). Plus, I've heard a rumor going around that it is pretty expensive to have a kid and since it seems like we will have to pay the medical community to assist us in creating a child, it is time to get serious about money.

First and foremost, I wish my job paid more. Asking for a raise isn't an option as I work in grant funded programs and money is very tight. In a perfect world, the people in my position would get paid what I think we deserve instead of being the bottom of the pay scale food chain. I try not to think about it too much because it is depressing. But Mo' Money, Mo' Problems, right? I don't trust that saying.

I go in spurts when it comes to tracking our expenses. I used to have a account but I got sick of getting constant emails sent to me and I was ashamed that we spent so much money in the Fast Food category. Easy change, obviously. Just don't go to fast food places. DUH.

I had a system earlier this year that seemed to work to curb wasteful spending. I purchased gift cards for the two grocery stores where I shop, Safeway and Walmart on the first of the month. I also got out a cash allowance for me and my husband that needed to last the two weeks between paychecks. This worked really well. The money from the account was gone so it made it look like we had less money to spend which mentally, makes you want to spend less. But we had the cash in our pockets and enough to use for whatever we needed. When our cash ran out, we were done and could no longer make those morning Starbucks runs or Taco Bell visits at lunch. It also helped to not buy needless things at the grocery store. Our grocery spending for the month of August was out of control. The week before we went on our trip, we planned out our meals and that worked so well. We have to go back to that system for sure.

Last Friday, I went to Safeway to get that monthly gift card. I went to the bank to take out our allowance and  finished paying some bills. I'm also quitting Starbucks after paying $4.45 for a Grande non-fat, decaf Peppermint Mocha last week. I don't even like coffee. I was cold and thought it would make me feel better. I just need to turn up the heater in the car.

What are your budgeting tips? Do you use a website to track your spending? How do you stop yourself from allowing your spending to get out of control?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Foto Friday

 On Diana's birthday, Amy looking dejected as Diana guarded her new toys from the hands of her little sister. She gave her a nice hug later on. I just love the look on Amy's face. "But I thought we were friends. Sister friends. So confused."

This picture says "They let ME have wine? Bad choice." My nose looks so huge in this picture. I'm learning how to embrace the size of my nose. Work in progress.

2 seconds before I took this, her paws were completely covering her face. Cats are the cutest while they are sleeping. My sister can attest to that. I constantly show her pictures of Kitty when she is sleeping.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sharing Time!

Suri's Burn Book is my new favorite website. In my mind, Suri Cruise is actually sitting at a computer at night blogging and writing hilarious ancedotes about Hollywood children and their parents. Spend some time going past and reading all of her posts. Well worth your time.My favorite posts are about the Jolie-Pitt kids or the Affleck kids. GOOD TIMES.

Up next is a video I found yesterday and have since watched about 10 times....this morning. I love it. I'm sure it won't be as funny to those of you who have never owned a cat but me and my husband think it is hilarious. Warning: Foul language is involved but seriously, that just makes it funnier.

Do you have any links or fun videos to share? Please post them in the comments!

Enjoy your Thursday!