Monday, September 12, 2011

Brian Wilson drives the bat mobile

This is going to be a long, diary type post. Stick with me. I had an exciting weekend.

Saturday morning, I took BART (public transit in the bay area) to my mom's awesome San Francisco condo. After a quick tour, we took two buses down to City Hall to watch the 9/11 Memorial.

After the beautiful ceremony, we took BART to the Ferry Building to meet up with my aunt and uncle who were in town. We went back to my mom's apartment and we rested up a bit before heading over to AT&T Park for the Giant's game.

 SO many people!

I don't know how my mom will ever want to leave this condo!

The game was awful. It was like watching a little league team play. Ugh. Plus, I had a horrible headache and I had to leave my seat after the 6th inning because the people behind me were screaming in my ear the whole game. The lady had NO CLUE what was going on and asked if they served beverages in the ballpark. WHAT? Also, after the second pitch, the guy yelled " Kill the Umpire!" Um ok freak.

Sunday morning made the day awesome. Me and my mom took Muni down to the Ferry Building to meet up with my sister who was taking the ferry to The City for the day to go to the game with us. While wandering around the ferry building, we were approached by a lady who asked if we were going to the game. She needed people to help carry and unfurl the Star Spangled Banner during the 9/11 ceremony at the game. I barely let her finish before saying "YES." We got the details and were so so so excited. We walked the 1.2 miles back to my mom's apartment and then walked across the street to the ballpark for our duties. 

Holy cow people. A moment I won't forget. I have a couple of screen caps from the videos I saw of the ceremony online. It was incredible and such an honor and a complete mind trip to be standing on the field!
 I looked up on the big screen during the National Anthem and my butt was totally on the screen. Awesome. There I am, with the arrow over me! My mom is to my right and my sister is on the other side of the flag, to my left.

There I am again! My sister was a "puller" and had to run backwards with the flag. She is in the forefront, standing to the left of the guy in the red shirt. 

We walked off the field and were STOKED. Our seats were straight up from home plate in the LAST ROW of the stadium. Quite the hike up the stairs but the view is breathtaking.

 This lady was yelling at people 10 rows in front of her when they stood up. She would scream "SIT DOWN". It was scary and hilarious. I was SO tempted to yell it at her when she came back from the bathroom.

 My favorite, Cody Ross.

 Lou Seal!

LADY. Wake up! It is an exciting game!

Thank goodness the Giants won this game. It was a great day. We had some frozen yogurt and then walked back to the Ferry Building so me and my sister could take the ferry back home. While walking along the Embarcadero, we saw Brian Wilson, SF Giants closer. 


And this is his truck. It looks like the bat mobile. 

 It was strange leaving my mom there but San Francisco is her home for the next week. What a fantastic but exhausting weekend. I had a headache almost the entire time and woke up this morning with it still there. I just took some allergy meds and it is almost gone so I'm glad it was allergies and not something else!


"V" said...

Great recap of the weekend!

The Borchert Family said...

Your photo of Brian Wilson turned out so good! His truck was the pimp-mobile.