Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fitness Week: Unconventional Exercise

These might be huge DUH suggestions but when the treadmill, eliptical and free weights become boring, step out of your routine and try something new!

1. Organized (or unorganized) Sports: For about two years now I've been playing recreation co-ed softball. I never played softball but this is *just for fun. I try my best to get as much exercise as I can out of each game. I run on and off the field, I run my hardest if/when I get on base and I try to stand up in the dugout instead of sitting down. During our championship run, we played three games in a row so I was quite sore the next day. Bursting off of a base and quickly stopping on the next one really does a number to your thighs. There is usually a fee if you are playing through a city rec department but it is well worth it. I have so much fun with my husband and friends, get to keep my competitive edge alive and gets me out of the house for a bit on a Sunday afternoon.

2. Gardening: I realize not everyone owns a home but boy oh boy, gardening is seriously backbreaking work. Kneeling, bending, squating. All good things for toning those legs and backs. Shoveling and clipping work out your arms and you can get a bit of a tan at the same time!

3. Swimming: While swimming isn't unconventional, it might not be something you think of doing often if you don't have a pool in your backyard. I grew up swimming and I miss it so much. When we lived in our apartment, the gym we belonged to had this great lap pool and during the summer months, I loved swimming laps for 45 minutes. I was amazed at how fast I was able to go from being exhausted after 4 laps to being able to swim 20+ without stopping. Fall and winter are approaching so this one might not be possible for long but swimming is a great form of exercise.

4. Long, aimless walks: I love going on walks but my husband gets bored and never will go with me. (Please harass him about this in the comments) Walking doesn't have to feel like exercise. You walk at a slow pace but you are indeed working out your muscles. In July, I wanted a slurpee from 7-11 so I decided to walk there. It was 90 degrees out and 7-11 was 2.0 miles (one way) but I did it anyways. Sure, I regretted it once I got there and my slurpee melted almost immediately but I got some exercise and felt a sense of accomplishment (and regret) when I was done. Walk to get ice cream before the weather gets too cold!

What are some of your unconventional exercise methods?


Samantha said...

I am doing C25K which isn't exactly unconventional, but it is only 3 days/week, so 2 other days I walk with the dog (she runs with me on the run days too) and Saturday mornings I go to a step aerobics class with several middle aged women (I LOVE STEP AEROBICS! Makes me feel like a huge nerd, but oh well..).

I also make sure to park in the far lot at work so I have to walk just that little bit further.. same thing at the grocery store!

The Jesse said...

i LOVE going for walks! i try to take our dog for a walk 4-5 times a week.

The Jesse said...

i also enjoy walking around town --- to CVS or the pizza place or the bar. it saves gas :)