Friday, September 2, 2011

Foto Friday

 On Diana's birthday, Amy looking dejected as Diana guarded her new toys from the hands of her little sister. She gave her a nice hug later on. I just love the look on Amy's face. "But I thought we were friends. Sister friends. So confused."

This picture says "They let ME have wine? Bad choice." My nose looks so huge in this picture. I'm learning how to embrace the size of my nose. Work in progress.

2 seconds before I took this, her paws were completely covering her face. Cats are the cutest while they are sleeping. My sister can attest to that. I constantly show her pictures of Kitty when she is sleeping.

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Kelly Jean said...

I hate my nose too! It's all about learning what angles my honker looks best at, or at least less than atrocious lol. Practice with your camera on a timer on the tripod! Only problem is, then you'll do the same pose/angle in EVERY picture haha which is what I realized when I look at my Facebook. Oh well, at least it looks good! :)