Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Help me please

I have a headache from hell. It started Saturday night after the baseball game. My mom thought it was from the alcoholic beverage that I drank. Does alcohol stay in your system for 3.5 days? I had ONE drink. Cherry flavored vodka with coke.

I've taken tylenol. I've taken two different types of allergy medicine. I've rested. I've drank water. I took out my contacts since the pain is somewhat located behind my eyes. I've taken off my glasses but then I can't see what I'm doing.

The pain Saturday night felt like a migraine. It was minor on Sunday. Manageable. Monday I felt dizzy, a little sick to my stomach and I slept for hours and hours. No medicine worked. Monday night I felt a little bit better but still groggy.

This morning, I'm at my desk in serious pain. My head feels warm but I don't have a fever. I feel a little sick to my stomach. I took tylenol exactly one hour ago and I feel no difference in the amount of pain. It may have actually made it worse.

I emailed my doctor to see if she has any suggestions. I would go home but I have a very important meeting at 12:30 that I'm going to try to sit through. I'm not sure what good it would do to go home anyways since resting isn't making it go away.

Any suggestions? I need a cure!


Samantha said...

Did you drink any caffeine or take excedrin? Those usually help my migraines- it does something with the blood vessels that are flipping out..

I have no idea why a headache would last THAT long though? Stress? Maybe you pinched a nerve (typed "perve" the first time- haha) or something in your neck? I did that once...

Everlasting Images said...

Sounds like some of the headaches I get. Could it be allergy related? Have you tried any allergy medications? Sadly when my headaches last that long I usually have to take codeine to get rid of them or at least make them manageable.

The Jesse said...

Have you tried an ice pack? Whenever I have a migraine {which I get a lot} I use an ice pack on my head to numb the pain. It always helps provide some relief when many medications wont. Strangely, also crying helps me so I'll watch a sad movie or something like that.

Brant and Amanda said...

I would get migraines a lot. I found out it was from aspertain. When I would get them I got vapor rub and put it under my nose and by my eyes (dont get it in your eyes) and lay down for awhile and it would finally go away. Hope this helps some.

runningonwordsblog.com said...

Sit in the bottom of a HOT shower. That's always how I keep from dying with a migraine. I once had one for three weeks straight and finally got permanent relief from a massage and starting acupuncture. You can also go to the ER and usually get pretty instant relief from intravenous infusion (I got Benedryl and Phenergan IVs twice) if you can afford it. Make sure your husband drives though, because it knocked me out cold both times I've done that. Feel better!