Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If the jeans don't fit, you must not quit

I wore jeans the other night. I can't even remember why I had to put jeans on but it was a good choice at the time. When I pulled them over my hips and stomach, the tightness could not be ignored.

Here we go again. Last weekend was not ideal for healthy eating. I went to a baseball game on Sunday and on Monday, we had a bbq. There is ice cream and soda in the house. And this upcoming weekend I'm going to TWO baseball games. Hold me.

I'm finally going to put the Lose It! App to work after it is has been sitting on my phone going unused for months. I'm feeling the need to detox a bit after this past weekend. My weekdays need to be better controlled so I can let loose a little bit on my weekends. Especially this week! Plus, the warm weather is almost gone so no more skirts and dresses. Pants are so restricting and don't really give like skirts and dresses do so I need to make sure I fit into the clothes in my dresser before October hits.

I wish this wasn't a constant battle. I wish I was better at maintaining. I wish I had the will power to say NO like I know I do deep down inside. I can make the change today, tomorrow and the next day and know that progress will encourage me not to look back.

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The Jesse said...

i am in a constant battle with my weight and if i dont work hard at it all the time then the number on the scale skyrockets back up.