Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TV Time!!!

Fall TV shows are back! This makes me happy and overwhelmed. Sad, right? I'm already a week behind on some shows that started last week and the week before because this weekend was too busy to catch up. I'm looking forward to sitting my behind on the couch and killing some major brain cells this weekend.

Our typical tv week looks something like this:

Sunday: Amazing Race (starts 9/25); Chris will watch Family Guy (9/25)

Monday: Nothing. Maybe a catch up night. I quit Gossip Girl last year, mid-season. Maybe I'll tune in and see if I can get sucked back in. I just lost interest in the SAME story line over and over again.

Tuesday: Parenthood (100% a DVR show for us)

Wednesday: Survivor, Modern Family, Top Chef Just Desserts (DVR)

Thursday: Busy night! Project Runway (me); Jersey Trash Shore(Chris); Parks and Rec; The Office; 30 Rock (in January)

Friday: DVR or Netflix night

Saturday: SNL (DVR, watch Sunday morning)

I used to watch a lot more but I grew tired of The Biggest Loser and I've been American Idol free for two years. I'm not into singing shows anymore so I won't watch The X Factor and Dancing with the Stars is just so awful and cheesy, I can't sit through an entire episode.

We watched 4 seasons (52 episodes) of Mad Men in 5 weeks so now we are sad and have to wait until March for the new season. Chris mentioned possibly watching Boardwalk Empire but I don't know if I want to commit to another show. Is it good? Mad Men is just so awesome. I miss it already.


Patty said...

We tried watching Boardwalk Empire, but I just couldn't get into it. Yay for TV season!!!

Brant and Amanda said...

Monday night two in a half men is pretty funny.