Monday, October 10, 2011

Gas, Adele, Pumpkin Patch and Second Place

*My work event Friday night got cut short due to a gas leak down the street that became a gas cloud hovering over our site. It was gross. We sent our students home and got outta there. I think I was mildly effected on the drive home. It took me a long while to realize that I had turned off my car stereo. I had no idea when, why or where I turned it off. I just sat in silence while driving without realizing it.

*My husband had some people over Saturday night to watch the UFC fight. None of these people were females so I stayed in the loft, worked on my 2011 yearbook and listened to Adele through headphones. I think I listened to too much Adele because later in the evening, I just felt like crying. Damn you, Adele and your weepy love songs.

*We went to the Pumpkin Patch with the family on Sunday morning. It was a really nice day but it got a bit too warm and I became overheated. It didn't help that I took a "bike" ride with my mom and niece around the haystack. I was sweating. Gross.

Oh that Uncle Chris. 

Contemplating the existence of  the pumpkin. And wishing someone would have told me that my necklace was totally hooked around my boob. THANKS A LOT MOM AND SISTER AND HUSBAND.

Flying leap into the corn bath!

Amy had it easy. The look on my face is horrible.

*After an afternoon nap, we went off to our softball playoff game. We won our first game which earned us a spot in the championship game for the second season in a row. It was a rematch and sadly, we did not walk away with first place t-shirts this time. The second place t-shirt I got will be used as a rag. JK. Not really.

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Tiffany said...

I am DYING over the boob necklace. So funny!