Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love

I love my husband because he doesn't have to do much to make me smile. He is simply incredible at being who he is and I admire him for that. He is both wildly inappropriate and caring all at once.

I love my parents because they support and love me. They come to my rec league softball games and cheer me on. My mom drove 25 minutes to bring me lunch when I was home sick and my dad always provides good and passionate conversation about politics. I love his passion.

I love my sister. She is amazing. She works hard at EVERYTHING she does. She doesn't have an off button. She is loyal and faithful and trustworthy. She is strong. She has qualities that I would love to have. She is MY sister and I am so lucky for that.

I love my brother in law and nieces. I love my brother in laws passion. I can't wait for basketball season to start so I can watch him coach. My nieces. I don't know where to start with those two. They are stars. When I hug them, I exude a kind of happiness reserved only for them.

I love my husband's family. They are as warm and loving as my own. I may make myself too comfortable at their house. I pull no punches and it seems as though that is welcomed. Seven years of being "in the family" has flown by. They are my family too.

I love my cat. She gets cuter every day. She is our light when life gets dark. I can't stay mad at her. She is happiness in fur.

When life gets you down, think about who you love. It adds up to a lot.


The Jesse said...

I love, love, love the last line you wrote :)

"V" said...

...and also think about who loves YOU. That, too, adds up to a lot!