Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nighttime complaining

1. My cold has turned into some sort of allergy issue. I have an awful sinus headache, I'm constantly sneezing and my nose won't stop running. Also I sneezed really hard earlier and it scratched the heck out of my throat. Yeah, I don't know how either.

2. When my nose is stuffed up, I sleep with my mouth wide open. This causes my lips to get super chapped. I've been trying to sleep for 30 minutes but my dry ass lips prevented me from falling asleep. I had to go find my

3. Our bedroom window is open to get some cool breeze and the slight breeze is moving the tree branches around making it sound like someone is in our backyard. Wonderful. Window closed.

4. I'm wearing my mouth guard for the first time in a few nights and either it has shrunk or my teeth have shifted because it is super tight and giving me a headache.

5. I am going back to work tomorrow so I couldn't take any NyQuil tonight. It leaves me so groggy and loopy and I can't be like that tomorrow BUT now I can't fall asleep due to all of the above.

Balls. Being sick seriously sucks.

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