Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, Friday

-Halloween marked two years since we moved into our house. It is so fun to think that we have been living there for two years and look back at all the of changes in our lives since then! The biggest change is that we walked into the house without a kitty and now that we have our beloved furry friend, we can't imagine life without her!

-I walked into Walmart this morning to buy some tea and from the parking lot, I spotted a Christmas tree set up in the store. I know some people are all RESPECT THE TURKEY but for me, Christmas just adds a bright light to the entire holiday season. I enjoy Thanksgiving because it means I get to see my extended family but for me, nothing beats Christmas. I can't wait to get my snowmen out of their containers and decorate the house.

-The weather has finally turned here in Northern California. It was 37 degrees this morning. I like to call it "California Cold" because I realize other parts of the USA are much colder but for a California girl like me, that is plenty cold! I love wearing a jacket and turning the heater on in the car, covering myself up with a blanket while watching tv on the couch. Late fall and winter is my favorite!

-After today, I have 9 working days left until a 9 day Thanksgiving vacation. It can not come soon enough. I hope I can be productive during my vacation. To me, there is nothing worse than having that many days off and not actually accomplishing things. I'm lazy but I hate being so lazy that nothing gets done!

-I hope everyone had a great first week of November. Can you believe it? NOVEMBER. I say this too much but time just really does fly by. I have a hard time believing that January ever existed.


Jen said...

I'm loving the cold, rainy weather. Some people think I'm crazy, but I love the excuse to snuggle up. I'd much rather be cold than hot!

Oh and I must say, I'm jealous of all your time off the month! :-)

The Jesse said...

I agree, I love Thanksgiving but there is def something about Christmas {decorations in stores, commercials, music} that says "holidays". I started listening to Christmas Music on Nov 1st on Pandora while I was putting up my Thanksgiving decorations :) LOL

Cathleya said...