Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I said in my Pre-Thanksgiving vacation post that I downloaded The Hunger Games on my kindle and wanted to spend my vacation reading it. Well, I finished it in 24 hours, moved onto Catching Fire and finished that in 48 hours. I waited a few days to read the final book, Mockingjay, because I heard it was intense and I just needed to take a break from reading.

I started Mockingjay Friday and finished it this morning, just in time to get out of bed and hop into the shower to start my late work day. Holy intense. I actually had a hard time getting through this book because it was a bit more complicated then the other two. I couldn't read while at the gym because the noises around me were distracting.

Some SPOILERS are ahead so do not read if you haven't read these books. But I'm urging you to read them. You can get through each one in a weekend if you devote a lot of time to the books.

The Hunger Games: I think this was my favorite of the series. I had such a vivid picture of the actual Hunger Games in my head while reading. I hadn't yet watched the trailer for the movie because I really wasn't interested but as soon as I was done with it, I ran to the computer and watched it four times. I'm really excited to see the movie and I hope it does the book justice. Despite the drama in this book, there is so much more suspense in the other two. I felt like this was just a small glimpse into the life of Katniss Everdeen.

Catching Fire: I went through so many emotions reading this book. I was heartbroken that Katniss had to go back to the arena. I was sad that it was so complicated to get through these games and I was honestly a bit confused at the ending and the games that were being played outside of the arena behind her back. I was worried about what was going to happen to Peeta due to all the drama they went through in the arena. I liked Catching Fire but not as much as Hunger Games.

Mockingjay: This book is intense. It took the story to another level and it was deep, dark and sad. There isn't much happiness in this book. Prepare yourself for a complicated story line, at least for it was. Maybe I'm just not smart. I started reading the final 25% of the book this morning at 8:00 and finished right at 10:15 with tears in my eyes. I totally cried at the ending. I went back and forth several times between Team Peeta and Team Gale and who I thought Katniss should be with. And for the sake of not spoiling everything in case someone reads this, it all made sense in the end. I was glad that within the last few pages, there was happiness and peace in their lives. It was a great ending.

Let's discuss! Please comment below your thoughts about these books. I highly recommend reading them and I am really sad that they are over.

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cate said...

it's been almost a year since I read these books, but I think I'll be digging them ut again for summer-holiday reading! They are totally awesome, and I'm so glad I read them! I'm not sure if I'll watch the movie, because it's so rare that movies are true to books, but I'll wait to see a trailer first.