Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The No Junk Food Challenge

Olympic athletes don't train for the biggest moment in their lives 50% of the time. They go full force and dedicate their lives to being in the best shape possible. They make all the necessary adjustments no matter how hard or challenging that may be.

Why don't we do the same? I came across this graphic on Pinterest a few weeks ago. My initial thought should have been, "NO WAY CAN I DO THAT." But I'm competitive. I like to challenge myself and the only way I've been challenging myself lately is to not have that second cookie, that second candy bar, that second soda.  Which I end up doing anyways. I fail at self restraint.

Starting today, November 1st, I am going to live by these rules for 21 days. Some of you might think that I am depriving myself and you know what? I am. I'm depriving myself because I can't seem to STOP myself from just eating "a little bit" of anything on this list. Newsflash: We don't NEED any of these things to live and I have given my body free range to chow down on these things any time, any place. People give up meat and I consider meat to be a vital part of my diet seeing as how I don't like vegetables. And meat is actually good for you. I'm not hurting myself by giving up the foods listed above. I put this on facebook and got a lot of "GIRL YOU CRAZY." That just made me want to do it more. I'm such a rebel.

I am going to take a small exception. Naughty spreads. I enjoy a berry and spinach smoothie for breakfast along with a whole wheat bagel or whole wheat toast. I usually put a small amount of butter or peanut butter on top. And when I say small amount, I mean small amount. Breakfast is the only time I tend to have PB or butter so I think I'm safe there. 

The rest of it....well that will be tough but if we aren't challenging ourselves to improve every day, what are we striving for? Will you join me for 21 days? Will you challenge yourself? Will you come out of this feeling stronger and better and maybe even lose some weight (and save some money!).

Will it be difficult? HELL TO THE YES. Just thinking about it puts fear tingles down my spine. Sad, right? But what is life if we aren't challenged by something? I'm excited to challenge myself and reach deep down to avoid eating these things for 21 days.


Cathleya said...

Good luck! I was about to say the same about peanut butter or butter, and then you said it! ...PB is so filling and keeps you full...I wouldn't stop eating that either :)

The Jesse said...

Good Luck! I think this is a great challenge.

Anna said...

Good luck Michelle, you can do it. I have been doing kale/spinach smoothies for weeks in the morning and my energy level has really increased.

Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Patty said...

I think it's great you're doing this! I'm definitely whipping my eating habits back into shape this month which will include all of these things (except the peanut butter- what's so bad about a little natural pb??) so I'll be right there with you!

Good luck!!

"V" said...

Day one complete and successful! I agree that PB has to be off the list - it's one of the good for you foods.