Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ohhhhh, so that's what I need to do

1. Tricky Tactics:  One of the things on this list is.....and I'm not kidding...."Start by having unprotected sex."

I just blew your mind, didn't I?

2. Workouts: This article states that every woman is different so you should consult your doctor. Remind me again what the point is of writing this article if what is in the article doesn't apply to me?

3. Choosing my baby's gender: There is someone on this planet that actually wrote this as a way to determine what you are having:
"I've heard that if your DH is 'pretty' then you will have a girl first, and if he is handsome (more rugged or not as pretty) then you will have a boy first. We are having a boy..." -Bridey1

Oh brother.

Thanks The Bump for being a breeding ground for idiots.


Jen said...

Seriously? Seriously??? And that's supposed to be helpful? Sounds like Cosmo for getting pregnant instead of getting laid!

Patty said...

Good grief.

Angie said...

jesus... :/ said...

Woah, I feel like if you haven't figured number 1 out, then you probably shouldn't have kids. Number 3 reminds me of the post I read today claiming if you drink soy milk while pregnant it will make your son gay. WTF?

Christy said...

Seriously, I still lurk from time to time but WTF?! And these people are bredding other humans. Sad, sad world.