Sunday, November 13, 2011

One foot, then the next, and so on and so forth

Our softball game got cancelled tonight so instead of being a lazy bum, I threw on my running clothes and hit the road. I haven't gone for a run (run/walk actually) in a while so it felt amazing to step outside just before sunset and feel the cool air hit my face as I took my first steps.

Not everyone can look as hot as I do when they exercise. #sarcasm

I walked for about 3 minutes before breaking into a steady albeit slow stride. It felt great to run. If I started to feel winded, I just slowed down and planned to walk when I got to a specific corner.

We get some beautiful sunsets in my neck of the woods. I can't see this while running on a treadmill at the gym. I started to feel really great and continued to run (and take pictures).

I'm obsessed with leaves. Some of the leaves look like they are fluorescent. The street is lined with these trees and they are so beautiful.

I remind myself to simply put one foot in front of the other. It really helps to guide myself along, especially when I start to struggle.

I finish my first lap around the neighborhood and keep going for lap #2. 

The sky has changed colors once again so I stop to admire it and snap a photo. I'm feeling pretty good at this point and decide to run all the way to the corner of my street.

One loop is about 1.5 miles so I ran/walked 3 miles and can proudly say that I ran more than I walked. I hope to make this a regular activity on the days I get home early enough and for sure on weekends. Fall is the perfect time to run outdoors if you love running in cooler temperatures. And the scenery around me tends to dull the pain in my legs!


Anna said...

Good for you, Michelle.

I just started training for my first half, so I could use your mantra of putting one foot in front of the other. said...

Way to get out there, Michelle!