Monday, November 7, 2011

Pop Culture Thoughts and a Small Favor

-I believe Kim Kardashian faked her relationship and wedding. I believe it was all planned out from the get go. I believe that her filing for divorce the day before the NBA season was supposed to start was a part of the plan. That way, Kris would have been busy at training camp in the weeks leading up to the divorce filing and off at practice or at a game on October 31. Back in May when they got "engaged" there was no word about an NBA lockout because the season wasn't even over yet. It was all part of a perfect plan. The entire family is fake and lives to have their name in the news. What a sad life to look back on- to know that you faked every aspect of your life just to make money and be famous.

-I hope that Justin Bieber is lying and is the father of that baby by the chick that banged him after his concert. I think Justin Bieber is smug and famous teenagers are annoying and it would be nice to show obnoxious kids that they can't do whatever they want and make stupid decisions and then deny it.

-I have mixed feelings on Conrad Murry being found guilty. Yes, he was the doctor and should not have been giving Michael Jackson those drugs but did MJ have ANYONE around him that said no to him? If he did, I'm sure he would be alive today. His family, his "friends"-no one had enough pull in his life to tell him to stop using drugs. He was paying people a mighty amount of money to do what they were told. Michael Jackson was a drug addict. Just because of his name he isn't some hero or a saint or whatever. He drugged himself to death. He made those decisions himself knowing that he had three kids to parent. He is selfish and I feel so sad for his family but no one did anything to really help him. They didn't try hard enough. Addicts are not going to just admit they have a problem, I know that. But NO ONE in his life did a damn thing. They just kept giving him the drugs day in and day out. They should all be found guilty.

-Do we seriously have an entire calendar year left before the next Presidential election? I don't think I can take it. I might have to stop watching/listening the news and only listen to Adele on my ipod from now on.

And on a happier note...

If you are thinking of giving to a charity this holiday season, may I suggest giving to the Fisher House. The radio station I listen to in the morning is holding a donation drive right now. They are trying to reach $100,000 and since launching this just a week ago, they have already collected over $80,000 for this noble cause. If you can give any amount, you are making a difference in the lives of these military men and women and their families. Take that money that you would have spent on your morning coffee and spend it here instead. I proudly gave $50.00 to this worthy cause.

Armstrong and Getty Fisher House Donations

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.”

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