Thursday, November 3, 2011

So far, so good

I know I'm only on day 2.5 of this no junk food challenge but so far, I'm pretty proud of myself. The cravings aren't really there like I thought they would be. I don't want to cheat and let myself down.

I was thinking how I honestly do feel lighter in a sense. Both physically and mentally. I guess I was weighing myself down with not only added pounds but with guilt. Guilt that I know I shouldn't grab for that bag of M&M's or that second donut or that large bowl of ice cream. Guilt that my workouts were all for nothing if I was going to just eat them away.

I'm using the Lose It App on my phone to track my calories because if I'm going to give up all that is holy (i.e. chocolate) I need to lose some weight during this challenge.

That being said, I am SO SO SO HUNGRY. My body is used to more calories and food that filled me up in a gross way. I have NO approved snacks with me (I already ate them) so I'm having my second packet of oatmeal for the day.

Oatmeal does not equal a kit kat. Not at all. Especially oatmeal made with water and not milk.

Is it dinner time yet?

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