Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of 2011

I'm not going to post about the worst of 2011 because that is sad and depressing. Here is my Best of 2011:

-Discovering Mumford & Sons. For a month straight, the only thing I listened to while in my car was their album, Sigh No More. It calmed me, soothed me and comforted me.

-Getting up at 2:00 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding on tv. Some people said I was crazy but I didn't care. I loved every second of being awake that morning, facebooking and tweeting about it with others, texting my mom and my sister who were also awake, crying at the sight of Kate and being mesmerized by the entire scene. I would do it all over again. Maybe when Prince Harry gets married!?

-Attending the Railroad Revival Tour with my friends. That was a DAMN good show featuring the above mentioned Mumford & Sons.

-Finally making our guest room more than a storage and crap collector space. It was a lot of work to put it all together but painting and decorating it was worth the wait.

-Going to Washington D.C. and New York in July. Even though we didn't go during the 4th of July liked planned, we still had an amazing time and I am dying to get back again. My husband, on the other hand, has requested a beach vacation since he isn't too into the whole walking miles and miles a day in the humidity and heat.

-My sister-in-law's graduation from high school. Revisiting the place where I graduated *gulp*14 years earlier was exciting! I was so proud seeing her walk across and get her diploma (holder).

-This moment and also this moment. HILARIOUS!

-Mad Men. Arrested Development. Two shows that I fell in love with. I'm so anxious for March when Mad Men returns and I'm working my way through the three seasons of Arrested Development. Totally excited about the additional episodes and movie happening in the future.

-Being partially correct about the lives of people that I shouldn't care about. I'm attempting to drop my celebrity gossip addiction in 2012.

-I can say that this day was the highlight of my year, which is strange because 10 years prior was a horrible day. Awful day. A day that still makes me cry. But this year, I honored that day with pride in my heart.

-Participating in the 30 Day Photography Challenge. It was such a cool project to be a part of. I got to use my camera in a way that I had never used it before and felt challenged to be creative with my subjects. I hope I can do something like this again.

-The introduction of "The Boob Necklace." TM Me.

-Reading "The Hunger Games" Trilogy. These books made me love reading! I'm counting down until March when the movie comes out! I hope it doesn't disappoint!

-Each and every moment I was able to spend with family. Birthdays, basketball games, holidays, day trips, froyo excursions, etc. My family is EVERYTHING to me. I love you all so very much.

-Growing closer to my husband. We have been together a little over 7 years and a lot of times I find myself thinking how lucky I am to have him. What an incredible person he is.

-Continuing this blog, connecting with readers and expressing myself freely. My first blog post was February 26, 2008. It is hard to believe that I've been blogging here for almost 4 years. This post is my 977th post. I should reach my 1,000th post by the end of January which is just crazy. I've covered so much and I really love looking back and reading posts from the previous year.

Thank you to all of my readers who "tune in" to see what I have to say. I value your comments and support of this tiny little blog. What does 2012 have in store? I'm not sure. I'll figure that out on January 1. For now, I'm going to enjoy the last day of 2011.

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is awesome for everyone. That we get through the rocky roads, enjoy the smooth paths and appreciate each other always.

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