Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Quirks

1. I eat the cane part of the candy cane first so I'm left with a little hook at the top of the stick and then I pretend its a tool the dentist uses which is weird because I'm eating 100% sugar.

2. Our Christmas decorations are not classy. They aren't silver and blue. We have snowmen and santa and reindeer and a fake 1 foot tree with a small tree skirt. We have gift boxes as decorations and cheap decorative plates on coffee tables. It looks like the Christmas aisle of Target threw up in our house and I love it.

3. I'm 32 but we still get new pajamas on Christmas Eve from my mom.

4. Yesterday I purchased 2 new rolls of wrapping paper. When I got home I went in search of bows and ribbon, I opened the closet in the guest room and saw 4 rolls of wrapping paper in the corner. Whoops.

5. This Sephora for OPI nail polish, Good Tidings We Bling, SUCKS. It chips off within a day of painting it on. No matter how many layers I put on, no matter if I use a top coat or not, it chips. Half of my pointer finger nail chipped off in my sleep last night. I basically have to repaint my nails each morning.

6. We are hosting Christmas Eve this year and I'm picturing the menu in my head and I want to start eating now. I think I'm going to make a beef roast in the oven, mashed potatoes, veggies (well, my sister will make these) and an apple pie. Our house is going to smell SO GOOD!

7. I have 24 hours of work left until vacation starts on the 21st. I scheduled a couple of doctor appointments for Monday so I'm only working a half day.

8. I hope my Secret Santa gifts go over well with the recipients. I think doing Secret Santa is so much more fun than stressing out and getting gifts for everyone in the family. Normally, that would mean buying presents for 9 people. It is nice to just focus on two people (one per family) and make it something fun and exciting.

9. I want to make this list a round 10 items but I'm running out of things to post.

10. I have a serious obsession with Peppermint Bark but have never made it myself. I need to make some but I'm afraid I'll just eat it all in one sitting.

What are your Christmas Quirks?

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Anna said...

I love hot apple cider around the holidays. The smell brings back so many good Christmassy memories :)