Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Sunday done right

This Sunday was kinda awesome. I made blueberry muffins in the morning ( out of the box). We watched SNL and got ready for our date.

We went bowling! Chris took 2 out of 3 games. I won the second game by just one pin! Since he won, he got to pick where we had lunch. We drove over the freeway to Mel's where we had a laughter filled lunch after discovering that he missed a piece of hair while shaving his head this weekend. A straight piece of hair was sticking directly out of the side of his head. Hilarious.

After that, we went back home where we relaxed before making enchiladas together to eat for dinner this week. Then we watched Virgin Diaries and laughed and cringed at the way those people kissed after they got married. YouTube it. Seriously funny!

I even had a chance to cuddle with Kitty. That is always the best!

Now I'm in bed, with my gym clothes on so I can wake up at 3:30 and go workout!

What a day!!!

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