Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This post is being pimped by....

Can I be honest? I love free stuff. Who doesn't? If I remember, I call those stupid survey numbers on receipts from Michael's or Chili's with the hope that I will win a $500 gift card. That would be my best day ever.

Can I be honest again? I love blogs. I love reading about people live's and their adventures, trails, tribulations, recipes and more. I love blogging and have found great joy in having a place to share my own thoughts since 2008. I'm almost 1,000 posts in and I still have a passion to keep this thing going. I'm not sure how many people read this (yes, I do. I check my stats weekly) but I like that I can look back at this as a scrapbook of my life.

That being said, I am sad to see what some blogs have become. Basically, they are giveaway sites. Product reviews. What used to be blogs filled with heartfelt stories are now online ads for cameras, vacuums, sweaters, etsy shops, momtographers, etc.

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In an effort to be the next Ree, it seems that some bloggers accept every free item thrown their way. That is their right of course. They want to make money off of their blog and if they are popular enough for huge companies to want to partner with them, I'm sure they are well on their way to being career bloggers.

 I can admit something-I might get a little jealous that these people started off small, rose to "fame" and get cool opportunities to take part in interesting ventures in business. Wow, they got to go on that trip for FREE? They got that product for FREE? They got to meet WHO?

But I miss the heartfelt stuff. I miss the small spaces on the internet that "feel" private and cozy. I don't have a huge readership but I have regular readers and I didn't get them by pimping myself out on a daily basis. There is a place for everyone in the world of blogging. I guess I miss the days when it felt more focused on sharing stories instead of sharing products for exposure.


Jen said...

I've definitely noticed this also. Most of the time I just skip over these posts unless it happens to be a product I'm interested in or something that is worth following and tweeting to win (which I do rarely). I also love blogs for the personal stories, lessons people learn that they want to share with the world.

KK @ Running Through Life said...

You are not alone!!! It is interesting how blogs and people change when free stuff is thrown their way.