Thursday, December 1, 2011

#WEverb11 with us!

Last year, I participated in Reverb10. It was a great way to commit to blogging everyday and reflecting on my year. Sadly, the person in charge has decided not to continue with this activity but my awesome friend Kim opened the idea to her readers and the outpouring of suggestions was amazing!

Welcome to #WEverb11. I'm so excited to participate in this again and the list of prompts that Kim's readers have submitted are incredible. The format is going to be a little different but I'm planning on posting each evening so I have time to sit down at home and really write from my heart.

My favorite part of the end of any year are those reflection shows, year end wrap up editions of magazines and with WEverb11, I can have my own memories of this year, which has been challenging in good and bad ways for me.

I hope fellow bloggers will click over to the websites I linked and take part in this. Don't worry about writing 31 blog posts. Write as you wish. I hope the reflection you discover puts a smile on your face.

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