Monday, February 28, 2011

I need an H on my timesheet

I got my timesheet for March today. There are no H's on it. No holidays. Nothing. This makes me sad. Other thoughts: -It was really great that I had the chance to go to San Diego this past weekend. I was so happy to be there for my friend and her family. In between the sadness of the memorial, I managed to have a really nice time with my traveling companion. My friend Melissa is the awesome. I told her that we should take another trip together, even if it is just 30 hours long. I think the shortness of the trip made it that much more fun. -Do you ever have days when you feel super emotional and just feel like you could cry? Today is that day for me. Not sure why. Maybe I feel like this at the end of every month. Paying bills stresses me out. -I was SO HAPPY that The King's Speech won Best Picture last night at the Oscars. I love awards show and happily was parked on the couch for 5.5 hours watching the red carpet and the show. I have a serious crush on Colin Firth too. He is so adorably handsome. Although, my favorite role of his is from Love Actually. "I hate Uncle Jamie." Favorite. -I'm keeping notes on my iphone of the hilarious, random stuff that my husband says. Obviously, they are inside jokes and might not be funny to other people but the list is getting really long and it is only March. He had some zingers last night during the Oscars. I'm convinced my husband is the funniest person on earth. Seriously. I love him so. -Did I tell you that there are no holidays in March? How can I create one? -If I'm not Catholic, can I still do something for Lent? I like the challenge of giving something up/ adding something positive for a certain period of time and seeing if I can stick with it. Maybe I'll do both. I have until next Monday so I'll report back then. -Our flight was 90 minutes late to San Diego Friday afternoon. We landed at 6:15, got our luggage, waited for the shuttle and checked into our hotel. We had to hustle to make it to dinner with our friends so we asked the front desk to call us a cab. When we went outside, there was no cab......but there was a man with a limo (not a stretch limo though) and said he would take us where we needed to go for $15. I hesistated but my friend Melissa did not. "YES, we'll take it!" she exclaimed. So we took a limo to dinner. It was hilarious.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A necessary trip

Last week, I mentioned a friend who was going through a nightmare of a situation. It really rocked me to my core and I spent most of that day crying or trying to hold back tears. Damn you empathy for being such a strong personality trait. This friend, L, is someone I have seen twice in a decade. I had breakfast with her back in 2007 when she was in town visiting friends. We are facebook friends so I keep up with her life but we aren't in any type of communication with each other. But back in high school, we were very, very close. We played on the same sports teams and developed a strong relationship through those seasons. I was a year older than her so when I went away to college, and then she went away to college, we drifted apart. It happens. When I got the call about the bad news, I instantly thought, "should I be there for her?" My best friend, L's friend as well, said she was going to find a way to travel down to Southern California to be there for her. By Thursday morning, it felt like it was the only thing to do. I made sure my husband was okay with it and called my friend to tell her that I'd like to go with her. In the meantime, I've reached out to several other high school friends through facebook and have heard that they are also going to attend the services to be there for L. These are also friends that haven't been in communication with her for a while but that just doesn't matter. My mom said that no matter what, there is something comforting about people you were close to in your past. Something that feels like home when you are going through such a mess of a time. The trip will be fast. Fly out this afternoon, fly back Saturday night. I'm so glad that I am doing this. And that I'm doing it with another friend. And additional friends will be there as well. It won't be a happy reunion but a necessary one.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have a serious problem (and it doesn't have to do with making a child)

I've recently started playing Words With Friends on my phone again. I quit a while back when I became obsessed with Angry Birds but since finishing that game, I needed something else to do and I've convinced myself that playing phone scrabble is helping to keep my brain sharp. Since I stopped playing WWF, some idiot app designer has created a cheaters version of the game. You type in the letters that you have and it tells you what words you can create and how many points they are worth. CHEATERS. I refuse to use that version because I am not a cheater. BUT, I suspect that a person I am playing against is a cheater. And this isn't just a random player. It is someone I know. Why do I suspect that this person is cheating? Here are some words that they have played: cation, zoa, rosin, quaff. Really? Does anyone know what those words even mean???? If this person isn't cheating, the only thing that makes sense is that he/she is just throwing letters onto the board and hoping that one works. Obviously, I'm getting my a$$ handed to me and it upsets me because I have NO fair shot in winning these games. And yes, I like to win at phone scrabble. I lost 253-419 last time. What were some words during that game? Hewed, seine, calif, rom. I guess I can stop accepting games from this person but then he/she might ask me why I'm not playing anymore. I'm afraid I might just blurt it out. "I THINK YOU ARE DAMN DIRTY WORDS WITH FRIENDS CHEATER!!! SHOW ME YOUR PHONE!!!"

New Clothes!

I went to Kohl's in search of black, casual boots. I was looking for some fake, black Ugg type boots but they have moved into Spring/Summer shoe season so I was forced to wander the store and see what else I could find this weekend. EUREKA! I found clothes.....
This coat was marked down $120. And it has a hood. That made me very, very happy!
IMG_9038 This tunic looks really massive and wide but it isn't that bad on me. It is light-weight also. IMG_9031 IMG_9029 IMG_9028 IMG_9026 IMG_9021 This shirt reminds me of the 4th of July! I was armed with a 20% coupon and along with great President's Day sales AND $30 in Kohls bucks that I earned with my Saturday purchases, I made out like a bandit and have some nice new shirts (and 2 new pairs of jeans) to add to my rotation.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TTC Tuesday: Trying Something New

I don't want to say that I'm going to give up on acupuncture all together. I'm not sure if it "helped" anything as far as this past cycle went. I do know that I'm not pregnant and I need to do something to help my sanity. As each month goes by, I get a whole new series of thoughts in my head. They aren't always positive. Sometimes, they are downright scary, negative and helpless.
I decided that I what I might need is someone to talk to. Someone to help me comes to terms with how to handle the negative thoughts I have in my head. And since I have insurance that gives me access to therapists for a decent co-pay, I might as well take advantage of that.
Dealing with infertility is very mentally exhausting. There are ups and downs almost every single day. You try to teach yourself to be optimistic without being overly optimistic and without coming across as pessimistic. The line is narrow between wanting to be excited after each appointment and telling yourself that it might not work this time either. People might tell you to think positive but how do you continue to think positive after failure after failure? Money is being spent left and right. Sick time is being used and you might be getting questioned from your boss on why you are taking so much time off of work. Family and friends who don't know what you are going through pepper you with questions about when you are having kids.
It is a lot to take in at once. I'm excited to take this step to sort out these thoughts in my head and hopefully come to some peaceful decision about how I will handle each month that passes by.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Goals!

I had a few goals that I wanted to accomplish this weekend. I'm happy to report that I was able to complete almost all of them. I'm off today so I still have time.
1. Workout Saturday, Sunday and Monday: It has been too long since I have worked out consistently (stupid head cold) but I managed to workout three days in a row and will continue working out through the week!
2. Eat frozen yogurt: I met up with my sister yesterday and had some delicious fro-yo. The sun came out long enough to eat it and not feel silly eating froyo in February.
3. Spend time with my husband: We drove up to Sacramento on Saturday so he could go to Fry's and I could go to Kohls and do some shopping. I found a fabulous coat that was marked down from $170 to $51. We had lunch at On The Border. They have great salsa.
4. Kick it with my kitty: Consider her kicked. Errrrr, that sounds horrible. We kicked it together. It was nice.
5. Find some casual black boots: I'm hoping to accomplish this today. I have $30 Kohls Cash but they seem to have moved onto Spring/Summer shoes and have removed all of their boots from the shelves already. I have some fake Ugg type boots in brown but I am tired of wearing those with black tops and jackets. It looks awful (says the girl who is the least fashionable person ever). Wish me luck!
How was your weekend? Did you accomplish anything?

Friday, February 18, 2011


After what can only be described as a very difficult week, I am so happy to have a three day weekend to relax and get my mind back to a normal, happy state. And even if it is cold and raining throughout the next 3 days, I'll be at peace knowing that I have very few obligations and can catch up on tv shows that have piled up on the dvr, clean the house and play with my sweet kitty cat who always brings a smile to my face.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I hesitated writing this because I don't want to keep writing depressing blog posts. But this is my outlet and I have to release some things that are taking up space in my brain. If you want to read something funny, read this. I think it is pretty funny. I read this quote last night: "To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have." I went in search of that quote after taking my second home pregnancy test in as many days. Both negative. Some people might not understand testing before my period is late but I had my blood test this morning and I don't get the results back for an entire day. 24 hours. Not sure why it takes that long to process but it does. I simply couldn't wait. I just wanted to know. I was sad. Really sad. I silently cried last night and repeated that quote above in my head until I believed it. And to be honest, I still cried and only partially allowed myself to believe it. Then this afternoon, something happened. I got some news that someone I was once very, very close with is going through one of the hardest, most awful things anyone should ever have to go through. It isn't important that I haven't spoken to this person in over a decade. This kind of news shakes you to your core whether a stranger or friend. Michelle meet Perspective. Perspective meet Michelle. "To be upset with what you don't have is to waste what you do have." I have a husband who loves me and treasures me and supports me emotionally. I have family and friends and health. I have so much. I need to pick myself up and move forward. I want to grow my family and welcome a child into our lives. But I can not (and will not) put what I do have on the backburner to be sad over what I don't have. Here is another quote: "Comparison is the death of happiness." Words to live by.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TTC Tuesday: Guest Post

Every journey to motherhood is different for those of us going through Infertility. I sent out the Infertility Bat Signal to see if other women were interested in sharing their story. Here is a story of someone dealing with Secondary Infertility. My journey began in December of 2009. I was so ecstatic to finally begin TTC our second child after having to wait for over 3 years. Armed with my basal body thermometer, my fertility friend account, a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and of course my stud-ly DH, I was ready. I count my blessings that conceiving DD (darling daughter) was effortless. I didn’t know half the stuff about my body that I do now. Our first month, we had sex sometime around ovulation and didn’t really think any more of it. Two weeks and two positive HPTs later, I was pregnant. The pregnancy was fairly easy and uneventful and DD’s delivery was one of the happiest moments of my life. I couldn’t wait to do it all again. Fast-forward 3 years, and I was so excited that I was going to get pregnant again. Surely, I would have a bun in the oven on the first month – I was, after all, a proven “fertile” who came from a loooooong line of overly fertile women. Just so I wouldn’t get disappointed, I was a bit reserved with my optimism. I told myself that if it didn’t happen the first month, not to worry ‘cause I‘d definitely be pregnant within the first three. Insert “eye-roll” here. So, 16 cycles later, here I am with an empty ute and a heavy heart. After 12 cycles we were referred to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) who performed every test under the sun on DH and I (well, except for the laparoscopy…I keep cancelling my appointments because I’m chicken). And what do you know….everything is normal. I knew that I had a very regular cycle and was ovulating every month because of my addiction to charting (thanks, Fertility Friend!) but I figured whatever was wrong would be an easy fix. Instead, I got branded with “unexplained secondary infertility”. Like a lot of people, I didn’t realize that a couple could suffer from infertility after already having a child. Our first Clomid cycle is likely a bust. We will be moving on to injectable meds and are just deciding whether or not to stick with timed intercourse or move on to IUI. Emotionally, things have been up and down. Secondary infertility (SIF) is a hard pill to swallow, especially for those of us who had no issues conceiving our first child. I was completely blindsided by our trouble trying to conceive, and there aren’t a lot of secondary infertile couples hanging around to commiserate with. SIF is a very lonely place. You feel like you make those dealing with primary infertility upset because you already have a child, but you don’t really fit in with your fertile friends either, who are now having their second or third child. And everyone has an opinion on your one-child status: “You only have one? Don’t you want any more?”, “time’s a-wasting, you better give DD a sibling”, “what’s taking you guys so long?”, “Don’t make your daughter an only-child. It’s not fair to her”, etc. etc. What actually hurts the most are the questions that come from my own daughter: “Mommy, when am I going to have a baby brother or sister”, “why don’t I get a baby brother or sister? Jonathon’s mom just had a baby and I’m mad that you won’t give me one”. The guilt that comes with SIF is overwhelming. Not only are you not able to fulfill your own burning desire for another child to love, but your first child is being deprived of having the sibling they so desperately want. My eyes tear up when I see her playing alone in her toy room, eating snacks alone, tormenting the cat alone (well, maybe this is a bonus for the cat!), or snuggled up under a blanket watching a movie….alone. She is an amazing kid and would be a fantastic big sister. I can only hope that one day she’ll get the chance. I think what a lot of people don’t understand with SIF, is that the want for a child and the pain of infertility doesn’t go away just because you already have a child. The child you have and the child you long for are two mutually exclusive things – one is completely independent of the other. Women dealing with SIF are also dealing with a derailment of their life’s plan, just like women dealing with primary infertility. I thought I would get married, buy a house, work on my career, pop out a couple of kids, and spend family vacations in bliss running around after two little rug rats. While I still have hope that I will get my second, beautiful baby, I still hurt every day that he or she is not a reality. I am scared that my life path is taking me somewhere I never envisioned. I am scared that all of this is beyond my control. I am scared that I will have to map out a whole new plan for me and my family. And I am scared that I will never have that second, precious baby that I already love. So, this is it. I’m still making my journey and I’m not quite sure where it will take me - all I know is that I’ve got to keep on keepin’ on. After all, infertility is a challenge with a very sweet reward, if you’re lucky. Fingers crossed. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I look forward to hopefully sharing additional stories in the upcoming weeks. If you would like to share your IF story, please email me at michelle at seemichelleblog dot com.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Maybe I'm just old

Instead of watching The Grammy's live last night, I enjoyed a date night with my husband. We watched The King's Speech and LOVED IT SO MUCH. Then we went to a fancy dinner at The Outback. We had cheese fries, pork and steak. Fancy.
Since I'm off work today, I plopped down on the couch while doing laundry to watch fast forward through The Grammys. Am I just old? What is up with the state of music? Here are some of my WTF moments:
-Lady Gaga. I get it. You are weird. But your new song is not all that. And it is ripped off from Express Yourself by Madonna. Don't deny it.
-Still not a Bieber fan. I'm not his target audience so I'm sure that is fine but his look makes me shake my head. The skinny jeans and big old shoes? Do not like. And Jaden Smith with his leopard skinny pants? NO. NO. NO.
-I'm mad at Christina for screwing up the words to the National Anthem at the Superbowl. Know those words girl. But I'm sick of everyone calling her fat. She isn't fat. People saying she is fat are mean. And I'm not even a big fan of hers.
-Did you notice a pattern? Person performs. Another person performs. An award is presented to the first performer. Rinse and repeat. All the drama was taken out of the awards because every other performer was a winner.
-Who are these Mumford and Sons? I like them.
-I'm over "Need You Now." I'm sure I'm not alone.
-Eminem was lip syncing. I think he lip syncs most awards show performances. Funny how he used to rag on Britney for doing the same thing. I'm an expert at spotting lip syncers. I've been to SEVEN Britney concerts ok? I know what I'm talking about. Chris Brown was also lip syncing during SNL this weekend.
I could go on but this post is too long and whiny. I'm going to curl up in a ball and listen to The Beatles and dream of when music was good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day trip to Yountville

My mom called me Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to go to Yountville. I said no at first because I thought it was far away. She informed me that it was 35 minutes away so I changed my mind. And she said she would buy me lunch. I don't turn down free lunch. We had lunch at the Villagio Inn and Spa. After we placed our order with the waiter, he asked what room he should bill. "No room. We are just having lunch here." I think he was confused. He walked away and my mom said "I just like hotels." The food was good. We shared a plate of Rosemary Parmesan French Fries. YUMMMM. FYI: The cheapest room there for a Sunday-Monday stay in May: $370. After we ate lunch, we strolled down the street and went into the marketplace. The haze ruined my photo. Then we waited in line at Bouchon Bakery and I got the most delicious lemon macaroon. My mom got an oatmeal cookie and a couple of eclairs. Everything in the display cases looked so good although quite expensive. They had several different flavors of macaroons including caramel which would be amazing! Yountville is a cute little place to visit. The weather was GORGEOUS and it makes me so thankful to live in Northern California.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Get and Give

I love comments on my blog. I'll admit that when I write a post and it gets no comments, I wonder if anyone is even reading it. Or if they just think I'm super lame. I get kind of bummed if I think I write something funny (yes, I laugh at my own writing) and no one comments. As a blog reader, I am not very good at commenting either. I blame laziness. I read blogs through Google Reader and although it would take less than a minute to click over to the blog, leave a comment and hit post, I just don't do it very often. When reading articles about how to get more traffic to your blog, the number one thing people suggest it to comment on other blogs. The blogging community, while vast, is a tight one. I believe bloggers want to support each other. While some women (and men) blog for HUGE audiences, I believe that mom and pop shop blogs like this one still have a place for readers. I am going to start making an effort to click click click, type type type and get myself "out there" on more blogs. I can't expect people to leave me comments if I'm not commenting myself. So dear readers, do you have a blog? Share it with me and I'll come over and check it out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Crisis in Egypt

I'd like to explore the topic of the current political crisis in Egypt today......... I'm totally kidding. I watch the news and all that jazz but seriously, I just posted about Teen Mom yesterday. I am kidding myself if I think I am going to launch into a tirade about the current dictator and what will happen when he steps down soon. Plus, I'm sick AGAIN. Did I tell you that? Well, I am. I started to get that evil sick feeling last Friday. Even though I told my body that it was the WRONG weekend to get sick, my body didn't listen. Cee-Lo Green song to you body! I had to work Saturday morning, entertain people Saturday night, go with my sister to her 10K run Sunday morning and entertain more people on Sunday for my husband's birthday. My Monday I felt like real crap and stayed home. I'm not feeling horrible anymore but my voice is a wreck. Virtually non-existant. Last night, I launched into that part of a cold/allergies when you can't take a breath without coughing. I was hacking most of the evening and decided to go to bed early at my usual time of 8:30 pm. Husband (Dr. D) rubbed some Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest (nothing sexual, I swear) and eventually I fell asleep. There is a time limit to that vapor rub because by 4 a.m. I was back to my coughing self and moved my sick ass to the couch in the loft. I didn't really sleep out there, I was just trying to make sure my husband could get some sleep. He didn't. I have a three day weekend coming up (two in a row actually) so I'm looking forward to resting my voice so I don't sound like a man anymore. Valentine's Day is Monday and since we are SUPER FANCY we are going to the in The Outback Steakhouse. Told you. Fancy.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teen Mom 2

Am I pathetic for liking this show? Don't answer that. -Jenelle: Her boyfriend actually said something intelligent last night! When she was crying about no one loving her, he said "well, you bring it on yourself sometimes". WHAT? TRUTH? Go boyfriend. Should her mom be calling her a whore and a slut? No, no, no. Is her mom frusterated beyond belief? Yes, yes, yes. She gave Jenelle another chance to show that she was mature but Jenelle pissed that away. Her mom has every right to kick her out of the house again. To show how completely delusional she is, she had the nerve to say that she would get her son back and be a better mother than her mother ever was. Ummmm....what? You can't even get yourself out of bed long enough to "baby-sit" your son at 10:00 a.m. That is ALL you have to do and you can't do that. So sad for that poor, adorable baby. -Kailyn: Here is my thought on Kailyn. She never grew up in a two parent house. I really don't think she grasps the concept of a family working together to be a functioning unit. I don't mean to go all psychological but seriously, she knows nothing about having a mom and dad that expect for things to get done around the house. I feel really bad for her. I think she is really trying hard to have a normal life (job, school, raising her son, friends) but the odds are against her because she has NO idea how to function in a family. It is so sad that she can't go live with her mom. And even though in the past, Jo has proven himself to be a complete jerk, he seems to have been snapped into reality now that his dad kicked him out. -Chelsea: Oh man. She has her dad wrapped around her finger. He is totally enabling her. Did you see her roommate's face when her dad finally confronted her about Adam moving in? Megan was thinking "PLEASE don't kick us out of this house!!!!" Chelsea broke the rules but her dad just says "ok well he has to pay his share." How about having your daughter and her friend pay their share? Why doesn't she have a job??? What is the deal with this guy? He doesn't have to throw his daughter out on the streets but he is making it way too easy for Chelsea to just slack off and not do anything. He needs to draw up a legal document that says she will finish high school by this date, enroll in beauty school and complete it or she needs to move out. Even if that means moving back in with him. Having her own place is ridiculous. And don't get me started on Adam. He just wants to be on tv. -Leah: First off, didn't Corey used to take the girls for the weekend when they were split up? Who watched the kids the whole time, his parents? Leah made this big deal out of saying he never has taken care of them alone. If you watched the previews, you know what happens with the two of them but I'll just say that Corey seems like the only decent man to ever be on this show. He takes care of his responsiblity and really does love his kids. His parents are super supportive and I know that he loves Leah. She is trying her best too and I'm sure it is hard when your friends have moved off to college and you are forced to stay behind. Thoughts?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TTC Tuesday: What it takes

Here is what it will take to get me pregnant. And here is why it is so upsetting that at the end of a cycle, I may not end up being pregnant. Infertility is tough, people. Mentally tough. CD1-3: CD is cycle day. When I start my period, I call the doctor to schedule a baseline ultrasound appointment. This isn't the kind of ultrasound where they wave a wand over your stomach. Oh no. This is internal. When you are on your period. Pleasant, right? This appointment costs $127. CD3-7: I take some sort of fertility drug that causes follicles to grow in my ovaries. Follicles=targets for the sperm. The more the better. But not so many that they would cancel a cycle due to fear of me becoming the next Octomom. 5 days worth of pills is $15. CD9 or 10: Another internal ultrasound to check on the progress of my follicles. We hope for 2 that are large enough in size to be good targets. If everything is good, the doctor instructs me to give myself a hcg shot to prepare for the IUI. This shot will trigger my ovulation 36 hours in the future. This appointment costs $127 and the hcg shot costs $60. CD11 0r 12: The man produces his sample at home, I drive it 12 minutes to the hospital in my armpit to keep it body temperature, hoping that I don't get pulled over or get in a car accident. They spend 1 hour "washing" the sample, getting all the bad sperm out of the way and leaving only the good stuff behind. I go to the cafeteria or sit in the waiting room for an hour. I get called back, weighed, blood pressure and temperature are taken. I undress from the waist down and wait for the doctor, nurse and sample to enter the room. A catheter is put inside of me and the sample is injected into my uterus. This appointment and procedure costs $162. Two days posts IUI-CD 24: One progesterone tablet, inserted vaginally, twice a day. These pills cost $15. 14 days past IUI: Blood test. If it is positive (GOD Please give me a positive test soon), I go for another blood test two days later and continue those progesterone inserts until I am 10 weeks pregnant. Total cost for ONE IUI CYCLE: $506. Our insurance covers 50% of the cost. Thank goodness for that because it we had to pay $1,012 per cycle, we might not be able to do back to back cycles. That's some serious green, yo. Chances of getting pregnant: About 7%-10%. This is what people who can't get pregnant naturally go through. Not to mention time taken off of work for these appointments and the side effects from the fertility meds. Any questions? Please ask!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Superpowers unite against me

Remember when I wrote this post and I bragged about not having any breakouts for months? I also proved that I am indeed a future teller because I predicted my own demise by stating that I would have a breakout in a matter of days. The Master Of Jinx and the Ruler of Bad Karma came together in a fury of power last week. They apparently saw my blog post and picked me to scorn. Master of Jinx: Hey Rules of Bad Karma, I just got a google alert telling me some chick blogged about me. She said she hasn't had a breakout in months. She is 31 years old. Ruler of Bad Karma: Wow, she should know better than to make such a bold statement, especially in her advanced age. Let's get to work! Master of Jinx: YES! Alright, I don't want to go too hard on her so let's mix together a formula for random whiteheads on her cheeks, a few on her chin, with some strategically placed on her forehead. Ruler of Bad Karma: And to top it off, lets make those areas nice and red. I think a week is long enough, don't you think? Master of Jinx: Yes, a week is perfect. That will teach her a good lesson. Lesson learned. Michelle-0 Superpowers of Evil-1

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TTC Tuesday: Acupuncture

Wikipedia says: Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that treats patients by insertion and manipulation of needles at specific points. These acupuncture points are said to lie along meridians, channels guiding the flow of qi, or "life energy". Its practitioners variously claim that it relieves pain, treats infertility, treats disease, prevents disease, promotes general health, or can be used for therapeutic purposes. I'm not much of a hippy. Actually, I'm not a hippy at all. Well, I love The Beatles and other oldies music but I digress....acupuncture never really crossed my mind as something that I would do. But as each month passed and as I become more desperate to get pregnant, I'm willing to try new possible solutions. I researched local acupuncture places through my health care provider. I found a place that is just 15 minutes away from my town and it is also on my way home from work. I talked to my mom who said that my health care provider does have in-house acupuncture but it is 35 minutes away and out of the way from where I drive everyday. It would most likely be free but not worth the time or the drive to get there, in my opinion. I scheduled an appointment for last Friday. I filled out the paperwork ahead of time (I'm such a nerd) and when I got there, it was interesting to see the set up. The the website, the acupuncturist explained that he does it in a group setting which is how it is done in China and also helps to keep costs down. His fees are based on a sliding scale from $15-$40 and you pay however much you can to allow you to visit as often as you feel it is necessary. This was a huge reason I decided to go here. With bills and fertility treatments every month, I didn't want to have cost stop me from seeking help through acupuncture. He did a quick rundown of my paperwork, talked to me about my issues and asked for some details about our diagnosis and what steps we have taken over the past two years to get pregnant. I wasn't sure if I would actually undergo a session that day but when he asked me to take my shoes and socks off, I was excited! He inserted needles in my feet, arms and one in my forehead. I felt little to no pain when he was putting the needles in. The one on the very top of my foot hurt the most but on a scale of 1-10, I would count it as a 2. The sting just lasted a few seconds. He told me to lay there as long as I felt comfortable but eventually, I would start to feel tingling at the sites where the needles were inserted. He said this was my bodies way of telling me "times up!". He was right. After about 45 minutes, I did feel tingling, alerted him and he took out the needles. Now, this could all be hogwash. Maybe acupuncture does nothing. But at this point, I'm willing to take a chance. I don't think something sticks around since the 2nd century if it is hooey. I asked him how often he recommended me getting treatment and he said once a week for now, to see how I respond (not sure what that means or if there is a measureable test to see how my body likes it). I'm going back again tonight after work. If nothing else, it gives me an environment where I can lay down and relax for an hour......with needles sticking out of my forehead. I gotta try to take a picture of that!