Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We need a printer

Are we the only people on the planet that don't own a printer? It is a silly thing not to have but I think the main reason we don't have one is because there are just too many choices. How the heck do you chose which one is best?

The thing I remember about owning a printer is that ink prices are redonk. I don't want to spend more on ink refills than the actual cost of the printer. I think it is pretty standard to get a printer/scanner/copier combo these days so that is what we are looking for.

Any suggestions? Do you love your printer? Is it reliable? Does the ink cost an arm and a leg? Is it worth getting a color printer vs. a black/white? Please help!

If you don't have anything nice to say....

I opened another tab to find some links to back up this post and wouldn't you know, I found another idiot saying something stupid. A different idiot than I originally was seeking out. So let's start with him.

Tiki Barber said this: 
When describing what it was like hiding out from the media after news broke that he left his long-time wife for a 23-year-old NBC intern, Barber told the magazine that he and his girlfriend were at his agent, Mark Lepselter’s house. “Lep’s Jewish,” Barber said, “and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

Then, there is this idiot, Joakim Noah. I never liked this guy. When he played at Florida, his body language and general attitude left a bad taste in my mouth.  And then of course, he apologizes, saying he got caught up in the moment and responded to a fan saying something nasty to him. Oh well in that case, all is forgiven. Kobe said the same slur. Another reason I can't stand Kobe.

And now, Ed Shultz calls Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut" and a "talk slut". Yeah, that's appropriate.  This article cracks me up. He deserves serious props for owning up to his failures? No, he doesn't deserve any kind of props for anything.

Does an apology forgive an action? I'm not talking about "Oh I forgot to do the dishes, I'm sorry. I'll get to them right now." When the action is words that cut deep (forget sticks and stones and blah blah blah, words hurt, yo) can a person just be forgiven instantly? If this person uses words and comparisons like this in the media, in front of cameras and stadiums full of people, doesn't that give a little insight into who they are? Do what you got to do in the privacy of your own home. Say what you need to say in front of your close, trusted circle of friends but when you are making comparisons that are wildly off base, using words that are hugely offensive and calling women demeaning words, I lose respect for you. The behavior that is being modeled for the citizens of our wonderful country is so poor.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't get a job in the public eye.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Sister, My Friend

Happy Birthday to the best sister a girl could have! We may look like twins and enjoy similar things (cupcakes, sports, Modern Family) but we each have personalities on opposite sides of the spectrum. The joy in that is being able to feel balanced and supported when my side is a bit wobbly. I can count on my sister to bring me down to earth and toughen me up a bit.

I treasure the relationship that we have and the time that we get to spend together. I treasure the time I get to spend with my nieces and the fact that my sister has allowed me to build bonds with those girls that will last a lifetime.

Her life has taken a bit of a turn over the past months but she has handled it with grace and discovered a side of herself that I bet she didn't even know she had. I love her to pieces and can't wait to watch our sisterly bond get better with time.

Happy Birthday Ang!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ok, I need to get serious

This whole lose 15 pounds before I go on vacation isn't really working people. I'm struggling with the whole "stop pigging out" thing. I can't stop pigging out. I'm entering my food into my Lose It! app and stopping at 1,550 calories seems damn need impossible. I know one of the problems was that we had too many snack foods in the house. Unhealthy snack foods that I just can't resist so getting rid of those is a must. If they aren't there, I can't eat them and will turn to healthier, lower calorie snacks to fill my cravings.

As for the exercise....well last week was amazing. I worked out Monday-Friday in the mornings and got in a stellar workout Sunday afternoon. I was in that gym for nearly 2 hours. It was great! I rewarded myself with Monday off. I worked Monday night and got home late so I knew a Tuesday morning workout would be out of the question. I told myself I would go for a 2 mile walk when I got home and use our Total Gym machine as well. No. That didn't happen. Ok, I'll go Wednesday morning. No. That didn't happen either. Thursday morning was out of the question because I was spending the night at my sister's house after watching my nieces. Now it is Thursday and I haven't been to the gym all week long. DREADFUL.

I WILL go to bed early tonight. I WILL sleep in my workout clothes. I WILL wake up at 3:40 and workout for 90 minutes. I WILL. I don't have a choice. This has to happen. I WILL go to the store this weekend and seek out low calorie snacks that will fill me up (hard to do for this picky eater).

I'm in a bit of a time crunch now with this 15 pound weight loss and instead of beating myself up for not accomplishing it, I know I will be happy with 10 pounds, which is significant and a bit easier given that my adjustment period has now lasted 2 weeks.

I shall report back on this topic next week with good results, I hope.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The End of an Era

There is a lady closing out her professional career this year. A lady who has work tirelessly to impact the lives of many, many people. A lady who can walk away from her office knowing that she made a real change, a real difference in the world that she lives in.

This lady is my mom. I was inspired to right this post after catching a few moments of Oprah's show last Friday. Her celebrity friends tearfully expressing how much Oprah has done for the world and I in turn had the world's biggest eye roll. Is Oprah successful and a smart business woman? YES. Has her show given her a platform to raise awareness and earn money to fund charities? YES. Has she done anything for YOU? No, probably not. Even with decades on the air, the amount of real life stories she has had on the air doesn't even come close to physically touching or improving the lives of regular Americans. And Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz have, in my opinion, sent America backwards.

My mom has the honor of changing real lives. My mom started at her place of employment, a local Adult School, when I was 4. She shipped me off to pre-school and took a job helping other people get work. I loved going to her office on weekends when she had to go in to "finish a few things" and I was always in awe of the paper closet. All that paper! Different colors! How fun! This is what work is like?? WORK IS AWESOME. Don't get me started on the copy machine. Sometimes, she would let us make a copy of our hands and we would think it was the coolest thing ever.

When I was in college, my mom went back to school to earn her Adminstrative Credential. Soon she was Vice Principal and before we knew it, she was Principal (President, as my sister calls it). My mom put blood, sweat and tears into that school. It was her pride and joy. She worked hard not only to make sure that day to day operations ran smoothly but that each student and each teacher was happy and reaching their goals. She met life long friends, some that have since passed away but that have made a huge impact on the woman she is today. Her work hours were never really 9-5. When I lived with her after college, I often had to call her and tell her that I was making dinner and she needed to be home before 6. It isn't uncommon for her to work 7 days a week in order to get things done. She lives up to the phrase "Always Stand Up To Be Counted" that her mother preached and she puts her school on the high pedestal it deserves.

Some adults have been attending classes at her school for years. The connections she has made in the community are strong. Often, she will run into a former student while she is out and about and they know her, her school and her teachers. They sing praises about what the Adult School has meant to them.

My mom may not be retiring to her multi cajillion dollar house in Montecito. She doesn't call John Travolta or Julia Roberts her best friends. She isn't on tv everyday featuring "the little people" and their stories and then sending them back to their lives with just a memory of their fame. She certaintly isn't worth 1 billion dollars cash.

But if you were to ask her teachers, her collegues, her supervisors and her students what she has done for them, it would be worth all the money in the world. Oprah is just a stranger on a tv screen. My mom is a hero in real life. Let me remind you to hold up the real heroes. The real people that make a difference in your life every single day and take celebrities and talking heads off of your list of people you look up to.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sleep Less, Sweat More

I've become slightly addicted to setting my alarm for 3:45 AM and going to the gym. Yes, you read that right.

3: 45 in the morning. AKA 0 dark 30.

I blogged before that sometime in January I lost my ability to exercise after work. I started going in the mornings at 5:00 which worked out well. I was tired and only went a few days a week but it worked. Some days, my work day started later so I could go at 6 or even 7. Those days are over. Work starts at 7:30 which means I have to be in the shower by 5:50 a.m. And if I want to lose 15 pounds in 7 weeks, that calls for 90 minute workouts so a wake up time of 3:45 AM it is.

And can I just tell you that working out at 4:00 AM is GLORIOUS. The gym is empty. It is quiet. It is cool. There aren't obnoxious meatheads lifting weights. There aren't chatty airheads on the cardio machines annoying me. I prefer my exercise area to be silent and that is why I get at 4:00 AM. This morning I was the only person there until 5:00. My gym is really small, like the size of a large living room. One space with treadmills, ellipticals, a couple bikes and a decent amount of weights. No frills but I like it. And I LOVE it when I'm in there alone and can workout without worrying about anyone staring at me as I do walking lunges with a medicine ball or as my flabby thighs run sprint intervals.

This was my routine this morning:
3:45-jump out of bed. I wear my workout clothes to sleep so it is easy to get out the door. Put my contacts in, fix my ponytail, shoes on, grab a towel, my keys, headphones and iphone and I'm gone. 3 mile drive to the gym.

4:10: I start with weights because I don't like doing weight training in front of people. If I get it done first, I'm sure no one will be at the gym to see me. I grab the 6 pound medicine ball and do 4-20 ft. long walking lunges. My goal is 30 minutes of the dreadful weight training (seriously hate it, it is boring) so I throw in some additional leg exercises (grabbed some 3 lb dumbbells and had myself a 5 minute step class), some arm stuff and I'm done. 30 minutes.

4:40: Onto my favorite, cardio. I set the treadmill for 20 minutes and select interval training. Run 2 minutes at 5.0, increasing .1 every interval, walk 2 minutes at 5% incline and 3.5 speed. I do that for 10 minutes before I get sick of running because my shorts are crawling up. I switch to manual mode, hike the incline up to 9% and complete 10 minutes of that. Calories burned: 250

5:00: I'm not done yet! Time for the elliptical. There are now two people in the gym. Set to manual mode for 20 minutes at level 8, resistance 8-10. I get to 17 minutes and find that the E! True Hollywood Story: The Kardashians is on so I go for 10 more minutes. 30 minutes, Calories burned: 356

I stretch, drink some water and get in my car to drive home feeling completely satisfied and thrilled that not only is my workout done for the day but that it was a great workout. Feeling happy that I've made the decision to miss out on TWO HOURS of sleep in order to workout in an environment that makes me feel successful.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post Michael Scott Feelings

I've fallen a bit behind on my tv viewing the last couple of weeks and just watched the episode after Michael Scott left The Office.

I'm underwhelmed. I keep waiting for Michael to show up and sit in his office. It just doesn't seem the same with someone else taking his spot. I still need to watch last weeks episode and the season finale is this week so we'll see what happens.

I miss Michael.

Washington D.C.

I spent some time making the first draft itinerary for Washington D.C. Please add suggestions for restaurants, tours/museums to add, things to skip and anything else that may help make our 3 days there memorable!

Arrive early Sunday morning; check bags into hotel and we're off!
The Mall
Holocaust Museum
Lunch (suggestions)
Spy Museum (kinda pricey; not sure about this one)
Ford's Theatre
White House (if we get approved for a tour, this will move to Tuesday morning)
Dinner (suggestions)

Arlington National Cemetery
The Pentagon
Old Town Alexandria
Lunch in Alexandria (suggestions?)
Cupcake tour: Hello Cupcake and Red Velvet Cupcakery near Dupont Circle
Back to hotel for resting
Dinner (suggestions)
Special plans for this Monday night :)

White House tour (if applicable)
Get to Georgetown Cupcake before the masses and buy tons a couple of cupcakes.
Lunch in Georgetown (suggestions?)
Back to The Mall for anything that we didn't get to on Monday's tour of museums
Back to hotel for resting
Dinner (suggestions?)
Moonlight Monument tour from 7:30-10:00

Catch the train to NYC!!!!

What did I miss? What should I omit? Tuesday is a pretty laid back day so if we want to go back to any of the free museums, I think we should be able to make that happen. Thanks for any help!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's are Fun Days

I woke up at 4:00 a.m., forced myself out of bed and went to the gym. Getting out of bed is the hardest part so once I'm on my feet, I'm pretty excited to get out of the door and workout. This morning, I logged 30 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes of weights and 30 minutes on the treadmill which included 10 minutes of running, 5 minutes on 9% incline, 10 minutes of running and 5 minutes of cooling down. On Saturday I managed to run 20 minutes without stopping and then paid the consequences because I was EXHAUSTED the rest of the day.

I've added the Lose It! app back onto my phone because I MUST lose 15 pounds by the time we go back east for vacation. I have a closet full of summer vacation clothes that don't fit and if I wipe 15 pounds off of my body, I can happily wear cute-ish things on our trip. But of course, as soon as I decided to count calories and eat better, all I want is to pig out. I'm trying to fight those urges and behave myself. I lost 20 pounds last year and I know that I can lose 15 more.

In other news, we saw Bridesmaids Saturday night and holy hell. It is a hilarious movie! I was disturbed by the 9 year old girl who was sitting next to us but I don't have high expectations for people these days. In the opening scene (a sex scene), my husband heard the adult sitting next to this girl said "cover your eyes." Why bring your CHILD to this movie in the first place? So annoying and frustrating. People are puzzling.

Anyways, my goal for this week is to lose 2 pounds and not undo all the hard work I put in at the gym by eating crappy. I need to hold myself accountable and know that if I really want to reach my 15 pound goal, I need to concentrate on the goal ahead. It is as simple as just saying NO. NO. No.NO!

Friday, May 13, 2011

New York

Help. The DC-NY trip planning is ON. Once a seed is planted in my head, I don't stop. Thursday morning, our flights were booked. Thursday night, our hotel reservations were made and we purchased tickets to see The Book of Mormon the musical. I have a short of list of other "must see" things but I need help.

We get into NYC via Amtrak on a Wednesday morning at 11:00. Our show is at 2:00. Don't stress me out by saying that is a close call. Don't need to hear that!! LALALALALALAL Not listening!!! Our flight leaves on a Friday at 6:00 p.m. So we basically have 48-52 hours to see everything in New York. Again, LALALALLALALALA don't tell me it is impossible. HELP!

Here is my list. Note that I have been to NYC once before when I was 12 but the husband is a New York virgin. These are the things that we want to see:
  1. 30 Rock: Our hotel is nearby so I'm sure we will get to this. I MAY wake up, walk down and stand outside of the Today Show hoping to get on TV. Who am I kidding...I'm totally doing this. Some people tell me that going to the Top of the Rock is way better than going to the top of the Empire State Building. TRUE or FALSE?
  2. Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island: I hear this could take all day. We don't have all day. Three sources have told me to take a boat tour on the water that brings you past these things and gives a spectacular view of the water. TRUE or FALSE?On one hand, I don't want my husband to miss out seeing these things but on the other hand, 48-52 hours to see everything.
  3. Ground Zero: I won't be taking pictures in front of this like I've read about some people doing but I do want to go there. Is that weird?
  4. Seeing the different districts: Soho, Chelsea, West Village, Upper East Side (Gossip Girl in the house), etc. Can you recommend things to see her? Restaurants? Shops? Where is Magnolia Bakery? Me want a cupcake. Anything to skip or add to this list?
  5. Central Park: When I came here as a 12 year old, my parents failed to see the importance of taking us to Central Park. I know, right? I know I want to go to Strawberry Fields (forever) because I'm a Beatles Fan. What else is worth seeing in the park?
  6. Museums: We'll be coming from DC where we will be seeing lots of history and crap like that. Would it be worth it to squeeze in some museums? I do want to see The Met but what about the Guggenheim?
There are a bunch of other things that I know we will go see. Radio City Music Hall, FAO Schwarz, Bryant Park to see if Tim Gunn is there. I'd like to go to Columbia and walk around but I think the timer has run out of my trip already. As you see, I need a lot of help and I would love you forever if you gave me some advice.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life updates with some TMI added in for fun

In the past 14 hours, I've decided that I need to get out of this holding pattern I'm in. Life shouldn't just stand still when trying to have a baby. I'm in this weird place where I feel guilty for spending any money because every dime should be saved or be spent on our fertility treatments.

After my HSG procedure (tubes clear!), I went home crying from the horrible cramping and took a nap. I woke up and thought "we need to take a vacation." Not just a day trip and not within California. We need to take an actual adventurous vacation. My mind was racing due to everything we've been through the past year and I couldn't help but think a really weird and totally TMI thought....

How many medical professionals have seen my vagina this year? From January-May for a normal woman, it would probably be zero or one if she had her annual lady visit. For me, that number is 10. 10 medical professionals have had a clear view of my parts. And the number of views goes up considering I've had 4 IUI's done since January. I'm ready for the viewing of my vagina to take a break.

When my husband got home, I threw out the idea of going to Charleston, South Carolina (say it with an accent). He furrowed his brow, I showed him pictures online and he said "I thought you were going to say Maui. How about we go to D.C. and New York?" I told him we should both think about it and talk it through tomorrow. I thought about it all night, barely able to sleep and while I was running on the treadmill at 4:45 this morning. Once a seed is planted in my head, I can't ignore it. I did some quick research this morning and I've already built a complete flight itinerary and plan for our trip.

 Red eye flight to DC. 3 days in DC. Fly from DC to NYC in the morning to avoid losing time by driving or taking the train. Time is scarce people! 3 days in NYC. I realize we are spending 3 days each in cities with weeks worth of destinations to visit but its the best we can do.

My husband has never been to either of these places and I went when I was 12 with my family. The thought of exploring DC and NYC with my husband has me giddy! And the thought of moving forward with my life, empty uterus and all, has me at peace with where I am now in my life.

I will NOT allow infertility to hold me back from living. Not only does my vagina need a break from being viewed, I need a break from the emotions. And now I have something to look forward to this summer rather than another round of shots, pills and stirups.

I would LOVE to hear suggestions on hotels, touristy restaurants, must see destinations in DC and NYC. If you have any hotel hookups, this would be the time to speak up. Post them in comments or email them to michelle at seemichelleblog dot com. Thanks friends!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Look! 5 + 6 = 11. Aren't I smart.

-Even though it was a week ago and the world news has moved onto Bin Laden, I DID indeed wake up at 2:30 a.m. last week for the Royal Wedding and I loved every minute of it. I got up just in time to watch the families arrive at the Abbey and shed some tears as the bride stepped out of her car. I thought her dress was stunning and she looked gorgeous. Perfection. The tradition of the ceremony was incredible and I loved the little looks she and William were giving each other during the ceremony. They are obviously very much in love and I hope that their marriage can survive the tough media coverage they will have to endure for the remainder of their lives.

-In other news, I was driving home from a family function Sunday night when my mom called and said Obama was going to give a national address regarding foreign policy. She said that she thought it had to do with Gaddafi. Ok, slightly interesting I thought. She called back seconds later and said that news was reporting that Bin Laden had been killed. I started shaking a little bit. I turned it to the AM station expecting news to be breaking into the commercial playing but that wasn't the case. I was almost home when I found a news station that said it was true. I rushed inside, turned on the tv and watched it all unfold. What a day for our country. I have to add that I found the celebrations outside of the White House to be a bit odd. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that we were able to find Bin Laden and I'm happy that he is no longer alive to plan another attack but something feels weird about throwing beach balls in the air when someone is killed. And most of the people I saw on camera were what....18 years old? Not to diminsh their feelings or their experience but they were kids when 9/11 took place. It just seemed like an excuse to party. I don't know. As I read more details about the Navy SEALS and the prep that went into finding OBL, I felt so proud of our nations leaders. I'm not a fan of Obama but he and the military leaders deserve kudos for this attack.

-I went 0 for 8 at the local fair photography contest this year....again. I went to the fair on Wednesday with my mom and was a little disappointed that I didn't earn a ribbon. I was even more upset when one picture that was extremely mediocre won a 4th place ribbon. At least one of my pictures in that same category was better. I don't know who is judging but I don't agree at all.

-I need to dig up my Dirk Nowitzki jersey and wear it tonight to cheer on the Mavs. They could go up 3-0 to the Lakers and if you know me, you know that I am a proud LAKER HATER 4 LIFE.

- I renewed my gym membership after a horrible showing in April. I think I went to the gym 3 times last month. Awful and my thighs are mocking me. I went after work yesterday and I do not like doing that at all. I'm thinking of everything that I need to get done at the house so I rush through my workout or cut it short. I fully intended on going this morning but after two nights of horrible sleep, I decided to sleep through my alarm. Next Monday, I start anew! Morning workouts at least 4 days during the work week.

-I'm not pregnant....again. The last cycle didn't work. I asked my doctor if I could get an HSG done and she said yes so I have that scheduled for next week. Of course I hope that they don't see anything wrong but that won't really get us any answers on why I still can't get pregnant. Because my husband is working 14 hours during a night shift through June, we will be taking a break but our next step is to use stricly injectable medications to make bigger (and more) follicles. In the meantime, I'd like to lose 10 pounds. Time to wipe out the junk food and download the Lose It! app again!

There was more I wanted to say but I've forgotten what it was. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Discuss, please

During one of my school visits yesterday, I walked into the classroom with a box of cupcakes for my students. They had to take a survey and I said I would bring them a treat as a reward for finishing the survey. This school is 6-8 grade and all of the students that I meet with are 6th graders, 11 or just barely 12 years old.

Most of these girls are short and petite. One of the girls could pass as an 8th grader. Her face is much more mature and she is at least 4-5 inches taller than her classmates. Her body type is completely normal and average. I would never say she is overweight. I bet even her doctor would say she is completely normal for her age and height. 

Anyways, so I walk in with cupcakes and she says "uh oh, I can't have one. I'm on a diet." I have a hard time biting my tongue and I let slip "diet? Why are you on a diet?" She never gave me an answer. She didn't say because she thought she was fat or anything like that. She just said she wanted to go on a diet (Atkins to be exact) and that her mom supported her. Again, I really had to hold back giving my opinion because I didn't want her going home telling her mom how some random lady doesn't think she needs to diet.

But, like I said, I'm not good at holding back. I said "I'll just say that I don't think 6th graders should be going on a diet, certainly not Atkins." And I left it at that. For lunch, she was eating what looked like some sort of wrap (in a whole wheat tortilla, probably high protein?), an atkins bar and a Coke Zero. 

I see kids eating all sorts of crap for lunch. A large bag of Cheetos. A coke and some oreos. Or nothing at all. Another student lost her dollar for lunch so I gave her a buck and she came back with a soft pretzel. 

Now, I don't have kids (you didn't know that, huh? haha) so I don't want to be judging anyone and I don't know what this mother said to her perfectly normal daughter when she said she wanted to go on a diet. Maybe she took her to a doctor and the doctor approved it. Maybe not. My thoughts behind this girls decision? She is taller than everyone else in her class and therefore her body is shaped differently. These girls that are 5 feet and 90 pounds will hit a growth spurt eventually but the girl I'm talking about already has. And because of that, she feels bigger and perhaps fatter than her peers.

What say you? Would you allow your 11 year old daughter to go on the Atkin's Diet? Would you support her decision to diet when she clearly is just comparing her body against the body of girls who haven't gone through puberty yet? I'd love to know what you think!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm here!

Sorry for the blog silence since my last post on Thursday (my TTC posts are written in advance and scheduled). I have a lot to say but not much time to type it! I had a huge work event last night, our last of the school year, so that has kept me busy but I'm happy to report it went very well, my hard work paid off and now I can cruise through May knowing the school year is almost over! FINALLY. In September, it feels like it will never end.

Today is my Mom's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! This weekend we are having a little family party for her in conjunction with the Pacquiao fight on Saturday night. My husband is going to be working 7 days a week soon so I'll need to find things to do on the weekends to keep myself busy.

I'm thinking of doing a weekly feature on different parts of my house that I love. That means I'll actually have to clean a lot in order to put my best foot forward but again, my weekends will be wide open so I'll have the time.

Look for a better blog post on Friday on what I've been up to all week, my thoughts on the Royal Wedding (yes, I'm still thinking about that) and the biggest news that America has been talking about all week, the death of Enemy #1.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! May the Fourth Be With You! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TTC Tuesday: Being Normal

I had a breakdown a few weeks ago. It wasn't pretty, people. I emailed my mom to vent and she wrote back with some advice that made sense. Of course it made sense. My mom is a smart.

Last week was National Infertility Awareness Week. I sent in my blog post to be added to the many that focused on busting myth's about infertility. Infertility is a disease. Know that. But I don't want to allow this disease to define who I am. I have lost myself in this label.

So instead of focusing on the INFERTILE label that I see etched across my forehead, I'm going to focus on the other labels that I have that are way better and way more positive than the infertility label.

Wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, employee, bringer on of laughter, kitty mom, cousin, in-law, silly lady, listener, lover of exercise, lover of tv, lover of sleep. I'm proud of my labels and need to spend more time exploring the depths of those positive labels while knowing that the negative labels are only temporary.

For those of you suffering from Infertility and looking for a community, I was contacted by Marni of Bridge to Baby. She found my blog through my NIAW submission. The more information and support we have, the better we will be able to deal with this tough journey. Pop over to her site and check it out!