Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Post from Jesse: Learning to Run

Say hello to Jesse from A Journey Thru Life. Jesse has a love of running and wanted to share some inspirational words with you guys!

I wasn't always a runner. It was the summer of 2007 when I first got interested in running. I talked to a friend who is a runner and who ran a lot of local races and she suggested the Cool Running Couch to 5k Program to get started. Ever since then, I've never looked back!

 It doesn't take much to be a runner. It a very popular activity because there are low costs associated with getting started and you can do it anywhere! The most important thing anyone should do before beginning running {of course after checking with your doctor} is to get properly fitted for running shoes at a running store with knowledgeable staff where they will be able to help you find the best pair of shoes for your foot type. A quality pair of running shoes will cost $80-100+ and will last 300-500 miles {depending on the shoe}. The next thing to remember is to ease into your running gradually to avoid injury and to allow your body time to get use to this new activity.

 You can start with a simple plan, like the Cool Running Couch to 5k Program, or search for another plan that would best suite YOU. When I started the run/walk Couch to 5k Program I set the goal of wanting to complete local 5k road races. Since I started running in 2007 I have completed 37 races --- from 5k's and 10k's to half marathons and even a FULL marathon! When I started running I had no idea that my running would evolve as much as it has. It was not always easy and I've had to overcome many obstacles, and injuries, but it has always been worth it. When I first started I had no idea that I would ever want to run a full marathon, or even a half marathon, but here I am training for my third half and my second full and looking forward to the future. Each day I am a stronger runner than I was the day before. It's been a long road, and I learn more every single day --- about running and about my abilities and my limits. I've learned to "never limit your challenges; challenge your limits!"

 Get out there. Get started. Start slow. Run for time instead of distance. Slowly build your speed. Listen to your body. Walk if you need to. Take rest days when needed. Sign up for a race. Find a running buddy. Join a running group. Learn to push your limits.

 The best advice I can give anyone who is thinking about becoming a runner is: what are you waiting for?

 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." {Lao-tzu}.

Thanks so much for sharing your story. A full marathon! Quite an accomplishment. Best of luck in your training!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Planning a sightseeing vacation

47 pages of reservations, tickets and itinerary notes

I haven't done tons of self-planned traveling. When I went to Italy in 2004 with my dad, we asked a Italian friend of his where to go and what to do and somehow, I managed to put together a trip that had us in 7 Italian cities/regions in 16 days. It was incredible and we didn't feel super rushed. Sure we didn't have a week in one place but who knows when you will go back? We saw A LOT and I don't regret the full days for one minute.

7 years have passed and when we decided to see DC and NY, I knew that it would take some good planning to make sure we hit all the hot spots. Although attempt #1 of our vacation was cancelled, I must say it worked out for the best because I was able to tweak some things, add a day in NY and add in rest time, which my husband requested. These tips I'm about to give you are from a very inexperienced travel planner. What worked for me might not work for you.

-Use discount sites for tickets. I purchased half price tickets from Goldstar. I checked Groupon and Living Social daily to see if there happened to be tickets or restaurant discounts that I wanted to use.

-Be a VIP! The Holocaust Museum doesn't require tickets for the main exhibit but for the permanent exhibit, you need tickets. They start handing them out in the morning but for $1.00, you can buy them on their website. This was well worth doing knowing that we won't have to be there at 10:00 fighting the crowds. We also did this for the National Archives and get to use the back entrance to get in. VIP all the way!

-You better shop around! There are SO MANY sites where you can book your hotel. I am a AAA member so I always check that price first. I refused (THANK GOODNESS) to book a non-refundable room even though the rates are cheaper. Obviously, that worked in our advantage since we had to cancel our first trip. I'm not sure what the rescheduling option would have been but we did change hotels in DC. I booked on hotels.com and scored a free Kindle with their promotion. 

-Book early. Most experienced travelers know that booking early is a good idea, right? Is that true? The past couple of days, I've looked up our flight to see what the price is. Currently, for two seats it is $700 more than what we paid. Also, check the refund policies for your airplane tickets as well. We lost $200 because I guess I picked non-refundable fares. LAME.

-Cancellation insurance saved our life. When I purchased our two tickets to see The Book of Mormon Musical, I had the option of paying $20 for cancellation insurance. I turned to my husband and asked if I should do it. He said no, that there was no reason to do that. I unchecked the box but hit the back button on my browser to double check something. When I went to purchase the tickets, the cancellation insurance was paid for. Eh, it's just $20. Not a big deal. HOLY MOLY PEOPLE. When I actually had to cancel these incredible tickets, we did lose $100 (no refund for tax/charges and the insurance) but if I would have unchecked that box for reals, we would have been out 3 times that and would not have been able to justify buying new tickets on Stubhub. It was well worth the $20. 

-Be organized. When you need tickets to get into certain places, it is important to be organized. That picture above is all of my papers in a presentation folder. I have a cover page for each day of the trip, followed by the full itinerary for that day. The pages that follow are tickets, reservation confirmations, etc. At the end of each day, I plan to remove the pages for that day so the folder won't be as bulky as the trip goes along. 

 -Keep emails! I have everything organized in an email folder so if I lose anything, I can access it from any computer and reprint tickets or our itinerary.

-Phone numbers too. I've entered the numbers of our hotels and airline into my phone. We also have to call to confirm a tour we are taking in DC so that number is in my phone along with the number for the Super Shuttle we are taking to our hotel. I won't have to flip through my papers to find the number which will be nice if we find ourselves in a crisis. I'll also be calling the day before we leave to confirm all of our reservations.

I'm really looking forward to coming back from this trip and not only recapping the whole thing but to share any traveling tips. I'm sure everything I shared is super obvious but for those travel virgins out there, it might be helpful!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy!

As fellow younger sisters, I have to post a big happy birthday wish to my niece Amy. She turns 2 years old today. The memory of her birth remains strong in my mind as it was one of the scariest days of my life. But despite her early arrival into the world, Amy is quite the strong 2 year old. I love being around her and watching her and her sister become such good friends. My sister is such a wonderful mom and loves her girls so much. 
And once again, I have to thank her for allowing me to be a part of their lives. 
You've come a long way! Au Bob can't wait to see you grow!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stuff that doesn't belong in cookies

When my sister came over the other night, she gave us a small bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies and a few applesauce muffins. Immediately, my Spidey Sense tingled and I was suspicious. My sister has a tendency to put healthy foods in typically unhealthy treats. In my world, that is some sort of crime punishable by at least a few months of being ignored. Dessert isn’t fruit and there should not be vegetables in places where vegetables don’t belong. In my house, vegetables belong in other people's houses 'cause I just don't eat 'em.

After we ate dinner, I cleared the dishes, saw the bag of treats and was pretty excited despite my reservations. Chocolate chip cookies are the bees knees and I was happy to eat one or two. When I pulled the “cookie” out of the bag, I noticed something wasn’t right. They were far too soft and fluffy to be a normal chocolate chip cookies but those damn chocolate chips were calling my name so I ate it. It tasted normal but I kept harassing my sister about the ingredients.

“You don’t just make normal chocolate chip cookies. It’s just not what you do.” I said.

She just shrugged her shoulders and wouldn’t say anything. I didn’t care too much because they tasted fine. My husband then grabbed one and inspected it very closely.

“What is that? What is this white thing in there?” He demanded to know.

“It’s a walnut.” My sister replied, lying through her teeth because I tasted NO walnuts.

My husband started in on a lecture about the TWO items a chocolate chip cookie should contain.

Ingredients for a Chocolate Chip Cookie, according to my husband.
1. Chocolate chips
2. Cookie Dough

This left me and my sister howling with laughter. Cookie dough, huh?

Despite my sister’s insistence that the cookies only contained normal ingredients and our knowledge that she was withholding vital information, he ate part of the cookie. Only after he said he was done with it and that it “didn’t look like a normal cookie” did my sister reveal the secret ingredient.

Garbanzo beans. As revenge, I plan to make brownies and cookies with eggs, salt, sugar and extra chocolate and whatever other unhealthy ingredients I can find and tell her that I put tons of healthy, organic, vegan stuff in there so she’ll eat tons of them. Insert evil laugh HERE.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Would you like to be a guest blogger?

If this fails, I'm going to look kind of stupid so someone please take me up on my offer!

I'm seriously running out of material to blog about so I thought I would put out the offer for fellow bloggers to be a guest on my blog! I don't get tons of traffic but if you are looking to expand your audience, perhaps you'd like to say a little bit about yourself on See Michelle Blog.

There is one catch. I would need to get the posts by Saturday so I can create the post and schedule it before I leave for vacation. You can post something informative, something about yourself, a product you like, etc. You can even take an old blog post of yours and re-post it over here!

Either comment on this post or email me: michelle at seemichelleblog dot com. I'll make sure to get back to you ASAP and work something out for your post to go up next week. Thanks dear readers!!

And then everything came together

After a stressful day in the office yesterday, I was not looking forward to going home and diving into my to do list. Thank goodness my sister sent me a text asking what we were doing for dinner! She and the girls came over at about 5:00 and we had a great time together.

My husband has missed a lot of family events due to his nighttime work schedule so this was the first time in 2 months that he has been around to see my sister and nieces. He picked Diana up and she gave him a big hug around his neck. It was the sweetest thing. Amy is going through a Mommy Only phase so she wasn't as keen on him as her big sister....plus, she is scared of Kitty so she needed Mommy to cling onto. My sister made the girls burritos and Chris put some turkey burgers on the grill for us. All 5 of us sat outside at our new table and enjoyed the heck out of each others company. It was such a fun night.

We left Chris at home to clean up and the girls went to Big Spoon Yogurt for fro-yo. It was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday night. And since my mood had improved from the lovely visit, I managed to clean the bathroom so it is now sparkly clean.

Another item checked off of the list. Another reminder that my life, even in times of stress, is pretty damn awesome.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I need a chill pill....and a maid

With our vacation approaching, I'm starting to realize how much needs to be done around our house before we leave. We are having someone stay at our house for the week because I don't want to leave kitty there by herself or have someone just drop by to feed her. She loves people and attention and I wouldn't want her to be alone all day and night. I think I would bring her with us if cats were good at traveling. Something tells me they are not.

I have a few lists of the things that need to get done. Just some basic cleaning up and figuring out what to pack (I'll throw everything I own in the suitcase) but I just feel overwhelmed. Sadly, I can't even seem to focus on actually arriving at our destination because that seems so far away with the long list of tasks to complete before we leave. My husband isn't a huge fan of flying so he is nervous about the flight. I'm nervous we won't sleep on the red eye which will cause us to be tired upon our arrival and drag through the day not enjoying the sights. I'm thinking about how hot, humid and possibly rainy it is going to be and worry that it will put a damper on our plans. This is our first sightseeing vacation together and I just want it to go well. I put so much freaking time into making our itinerary (twice, thankyouverymuch) that I just want everything to go off without a hitch.

I'm going to try to relax. I'm going to get a few things done each night and go to the gym each morning for that exercise stress relief. I'll stay busy at work so I don't leave for the week with thoughts of unfinished projects. I'll picture Washington and New York in my mind and know that we are going to have such an incredible time!

Does anyone else get pre-vacation jitters?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

For The Bible Tells Me So

:deep breath: I believe that there are three topics that should not be discussed in a social manner.

Politics, abortion and religion. Forgive me for breaking my own social rules and discussing one of those.

While at the gym the other morning, I pulled up the Netflix app on my phone to see what movies I could watch while working out. I decided on the documentary "For the Bible Tells Me So."

From IMBD: We meet five Christian families, each with a gay or lesbian child. Parents talk about their marriages and church-going, their children's childhood and coming out, their reactions, and changes over time. The stories told by these nine parents and four adult children alternate with talking heads - Protestant and Jewish theologians - and with film clips of fundamentalist preachers and pundits and news clips of people in the street. They discuss scripture and biblical scholarship. A thesis of the film is that much of Christianity's homophobia represents a misreading of scripture, a denial of science, and an embrace of quack psychology. The families call for love.

I watched the final 10 minutes of this film in my car during my lunch break and found myself crying. I believe it is impossible to watch this and not feel moved. I am not religious. I have tried a few times in my life to go to church but it doesn't stick. I have many, many friends who are Christians. I watched this film and couldn't help but be curious about they would think about it.

My thoughts are as follows. People are people. Love is love. The parents in this film had to open their hearts and look at their children and see past their orientation. They had to look into their child's eyes and realize that they are still that innocent child that they helped create. One of the parents said "God made him this way. How can I be mad at that?" I thought that if I ever decided to join a church, I would have to find one that would not preach against homosexuality. I would want to be in a church that is open and welcoming of all people.

The most interesting part in the film was when Religious leaders and scholars stated that the practice of Biblical Literalism has led people to believe that the Bible states that homosexuality is wrong when in fact, there is no Aramaic, Hebrew, or Ancient Greek word for homosexual. It is also pointed out in the film that in the same portion of the Bible that people use against homosexuality, it is said that you must not plant your field with two kinds of seed or wear clothes woven from two kinds of materials. These religious scholars wonder why these are not points of interest for the community of people who hate homosexuality and rail against it.

I wonder that myself. It is all in the same book. All written in the same place. Why pick and chose? Why put so much hate and anger on human beings? Why? It just makes no sense at all. I encourage you to watch this film and come back to here to comment on this post. I'm curious about what your thoughts are whether you are religious or not, straight or gay, etc.

I'll leave you with this. Archbishop Desmond Tutu says at the end of the film something that really struck me: "I cant for the life of me imagine God saying, I will punish you because are black, you should have been white. I will punish you because you are a woman, you should have been a man. I punish you because you are homosexual, you ought to have been heterosexual. I can't for the life of me believe that that is how God sees things."


Here Comes the Sun

I love taking pictures of the sun. I wish I was better at getting a better flare. Practice makes perfect I guess.
Happy WednesdayThursday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help me shop: SHOES

The smart choice is to wear actual shoes while we walk around DC and New York on our vacation. I recently got some new workout shoes because mine had about two years worth of miles on them.

But part of me wants to drop the tourist look while we are there. The obvious giveaway that we are tourists is wearing workout shoes with shorts/skirts/dresses. It just doesn't work for me. I've modeled a couple of outfits I'm planning to wear with my workout shoes and it doesn't look terrible but I want to wear some cute flip flops dammit!

And cute flip flops under the "outdoor sandal" section on Zappos are NOT CUTE.

Look up the word Tourist in the dictionary and a picture of Teva sandals come up. PASS.
Does anyone know of any cute sandals/flip flops that I can order that would not make my feet/ankles/shins/calves cry out in pain while on vacation? I'm not going to wear 3-4" wedges around but a sturdy sandal might give my feet enough comfort to make it through the streets of NYC.

Thanks readers!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Problems I'd like to have

*I'm going to go on a bit of an infertility bender. I haven't blogged about anything related to this in a while so I apologize if the whiny nature of this post is annoying*

I'd love to have the problem of pregnancy induced heartburn. I'd love to toss and turn at night knowing that the child I am growing inside of me is causing me restless nights.

I'd love for me and my husband to struggle with the decision of naming our child as the weeks fly by and my due date draws near.

I'd love to know what it feels like to feel my baby kick me. I'd love to watch as my belly (and most likely my butt) grows each week.

I'd love to daydream about what my child will look like without the pain I feel when I daydream about it now.

I'd love to have my child run into my bedroom and wake me up early on a weekend morning because he/she just can't wait to see mommy and daddy.

The pain of many infertile women grows as we hear our pregnant friends (and sometimes strangers) talk, complain, stress and communicate about the experiences they are going through while carrying their children. They are not "rubbing it in" and should never censor themselves for the population of women unsuccessful in getting pregnant. Each person is experiencing their own life and struggles in whatever stage they are facing in life. But as an infertile woman who turns the page of the calendar each month and realizes that time continues to pass by without a child in my belly or my arms, I long to experience the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and parenthood.

I continue to fill a space in my heart and mind with positive thoughts that someday, we will be lucky enough to be parents. As I see friends double lap me in the child department and read about infertile woman getting pregnant, I question when it will be my turn but I can't allow that to consume me. The dark space is lonely and sad, somewhere I do not wish to spend my time. So I don't think about it or remain blissfully positive (sometimes I feel like I am blissfully ignorant) that my turn will come.

Monday, July 11, 2011

One thing and another

Don't tell anyone but I'm secretly glad it is Monday. Another weekend gone means we are that much closer to our vacation!! I see it in front of me on the calendar and I seriously can't wait. Of course I have some PTSD since we already had to reschedule it and I live in fear (being dramatic here) that something will happen again but I'm trying to push those feelings aside. Onto other topics of interest....

*Friday night was a date night for me and my husband. He was done with his night shift and we could finally go out in public together! We had dinner at Chili's and fully intended to go see Horrible Bosses but didn't quite make it to the theater. He was still adjusting to being awake during the day so we headed home and called it a night.

*Saturday we both got massages! It was his first and one that I planned for myself as a post vacation treat but I didn't cancel it because why would you cancel a massage? Afterwards, I drove to Napa on family business and made a pit stop at Sift for a cupcake and a french macaron. I got the Limonatta cupcake which was delicious due in large part to the lemony filling. I love a cupcake with filling. The chocolate macaron was large and in charge and amazingly delicious. I managed to save it until later to eat as a dessert. We are behind in our movie watching so we watched Tangled. LOVED IT. All of it. I got teary at the ending which prompted my husband to laugh at me.

*I stopped by Lowe's to check out the selection of patio furniture because we really, really need something. I know that stores get rid of this stuff pretty early on in the summer so if we were going to get it, we needed to jump on it. I found a 7 piece set for a fantastic price and it was all in stock. After consulting with my husband on the delivery method (he wanted to pay $80 to have Lowe's deliver it, I'm far too cheap for that), I rented their flat bed pick up truck and drove it home myself. The first 75 minutes cost $20 and since we live only 20 minutes away, it was the perfect deal. I spent about an hour in the backyard putting the table together ALL BY MYSELF and when it was done, I admired my work. Our backyard actually looks complete!!

*Sunday was Chore Day so I got an early start clearing the cardboard boxes that held the patio furniture, watering plants, mopping the tile in our bathroom, vacuuming upstairs and downstairs and then I was tired so I took a 2 hour nap. I braved Walmart for grocery shopping for the first time in a while and got dressed for our softball game. Two hits, two runs and a victory! The weather was perfect but I did manage to get a few bug bites. We ended the weekend in grand fashion. Watching the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm (!!!!), thin crust pizza and a glass of wine for me. 

As Larry David would say, "prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good."

Friday, July 8, 2011

In My Life....

...I love you more. Don't you love The Beatles? I pink puffy heart The Beatles. They are the wind beneath my wings.

My mom sent me (and my sister) the following text yesterday morning: "Wishing my two favorite daughters a wonderful day. Take time to do something that makes you smile today. There's lots for which to be grateful."

Ain't that the truth? I find myself blanketed in negativity sometimes. I have to work over the summer when so many people in my office get to take 6 weeks off. We don't get paid a lot for the hard work we do. It is hot. I am tired. My house needs to be cleaned. Negative Nancy. But in reality, there IS lots for which to be grateful.

The ability to work and thrive. The paycheck that does get deposited into my account which allows me to take a cool shower on a hot day and afford the house that I actually enjoying cleaning (sometimes). I'm grateful for the family that I can invite over for my birthday in August and share laughter with. I'm grateful for my incredible husband who feels like new after being on night shift for 52 days. I'm grateful for funny facebook statuses and the ability to hit the "hide" button to get rid of constant Negative Nancy's.

I'm grateful for the state in which I live because California, while broke and expensive, has always been my home. It is where I was born, where I grew up, where I experienced life and where I spend my days exploring. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I'm grateful for vacations and although our original vacation didn't go off as planned, we are counting down the days until we fly away to visit some pretty amazing places. Places where some people could only dream of visiting someday. And we are lucky enough to get to go. How amazing!

So on this Friday before a normal two day weekend, fill your head with positivity. Block out the negativity and even when you are going through a rough spot, think of the things you have. Like my mom said, there's lots for which to be grateful.

Although, I think it is easier for her to say that since she is just one week away from retirement! Now that is something to be grateful for!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Too many college stories shared

My husband was working on the 4th so I kept him updated of the festivities via text message. This is story of a text message that turned into a practical joke:

Me to Him: "Making smores. Good times. I had two Mike's Hard Lemonades. Wasted."

Now, I was indeed NOT wasted. I would not want to be wasted in front of my neighbors, their kids and my in-laws who came over for fireworks. But I guess my husband thinks I'm some sort of drunkard who has no class or awareness of my alcohol limits.

Him to Me: "Do NOT get drunk with my family there. DO.NOT."

Finding this hilarious, I read it to everyone which made them erupt with laughter and shake their heads. My mother in law wasn't quite sure why my husband would think I was capable of turning into a college freshman at a frat party (she hasn't heard the stories, I guess). The plan was hatched for my brother in law, sister in law and father in law to send him texts, all at the same time, stating how out of control I was, that I was completely wasted and that they were worried about me. And no joke is complete without a picture for evidence so I threw myself on the lawn, channeled my college days and looked wasted.

I think the smores and the fireworks smoke had me more intoxicated.

My husband received the mass text onslaught along with the picture and said that it was hilarious.

Don't mess with us.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who is this man and why is he in my house????

I don't think I ever really explained what my life has been like the past 7.5 weeks. In May, my husband switched to the night shift at work. He left the house at 4:15 p.m. and returned at 8:00 a.m. 7 days a week. I would see him for 1-5 minutes when I got home from work in the afternoon and on weekends, I would see him before he would go to bed in the morning and again before he left for work in the afternoon. This should have been a 4 week schedule but that was extended to 7.5 weeks.

This sucked. Aside from the fact that I am a bit codependent and love being around my husband, I hate being in the house at night alone. In the 1.5 years we have lived in our house, I only spent 1 night there alone. And now I was looking at being there alone for 4 (turning into 7.5) weeks. The first few weeks were tough. I had a really hard time falling asleep at night. Every noise I would hear would cause me to sit straight up in bed, eyes wide and ready to attack. Attack what with what? I have no idea. There was nobody or nothing there. I started to go to bed early (like before the sun would set) and leaving the house at 3:30 to go the gym was actually my saving grace because it would mean I would be out of the house. I felt safer in my gym than in my house. I'm so weird.

But that wasn't the low point of my insanity and paranoia. That came when I decided that I needed some sort of device to block the front door and the sliding glass door. You know, so if someone tried to break in, I could hear it first and.....call the police? hide in the closet? Again, I didn't have a plan but it sounded good at the time. So one night, I came up with the genius idea to put the vacuum cleaner in front of the door along with a paint can. I also wedged a baseball bat between the wall and the sliding glass door. My husband pointed out how dumb that was because it someone did break in, they would have a weapon. So true but I kept it there anyways. I felt safer. And Chris got home early one weekend morning before I had to chance to move the stuff out of the way. Guess what? I totally heard the door opening!! I was so ready to jump into ass-kicking action.

The good news is, as of this morning, my husband is DONE with night shift work. He is taking a few days off to readjust to being on a normal schedule and I am so so so so happy to have him back at home with me in the evenings and awake on the weekends so we can do things together. I already emailed him a list of things he can do around the house during his time off! I'm sure he deleted that right away but I'm annoying so I'll just resend it every day. I'm sure getting used to being around each other on weekends and in the evenings will take some time but he is generally awesome so I'm looking forward to having my husband back.

Current Events: Casey Anthony

I wasn't the person to spend time closely following this trial. I read about it in People Magazine and remember hearing the details over the past three years. Some of my earliest memories about this case were how stupid Casey Anthony was because she couldn't stay out of trouble. According to Wikipedia:

Casey Anthony was first arrested on July 16, 2008,  and was charged the following day with giving false statements, child neglect, and obstruction of a criminal investigation. The judge denied bail, saying Casey had shown "woeful disregard for the welfare of her child." On August 21, 2008, after one month of incarceration, Casey Anthony was released from the Orange County jail. She was arrested again on August 29, 2008, on charges of forgery, fraudulent use of personal information, petty theft for forging $700 worth of checks and using her friend's credit cards without permission. On September 5, 2008, Casey Anthony was released again on bail after being fitted with an electronic tracking device. Casey Anthony was arrested for the third time on September 15, 2008, on new charges of theft, and was released shortly afterward.  Her $500,000 bond was posted anonymously.

With this kind of track record, I give her 6 months before she is arrested and placed in jail again. I might be giving her too much time since she was arrested 7 days after her first release from jail and then another 10 days after her second. So for the sake of following the pattern, if she is released on Thursday following her sentencing, she should be arrested on or around July 20. I doubt three years in jail has taught her anything since she essentially just got away with murder.

I hope tv/books/radio/magazines don't have the gall to actually PAY her for an interview. I'm not one to boycott things but I'd be willing to boycott any media source that does pay her for her time and words. But if they were going to reach out to her for an interview, they better do it fast since her track record proves she will be handcuffed again shortly.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th is celebrated

I guess if I couldn't be in our Nation's Capitol, the next best place to be was among family to celebrate the 4th of July. So I slapped a flag tattoo on my arm and drove 25 minutes west to my hometown to watch the annual 4th of July parade.

 Me and my twin sister. My chins are scary.

After the parade, I stopped by my in-laws house to say hello then went home to make rice krispy treats and take a 2 hour nap. That was amazing. It was BBQ time so I drove to my sister's house for burgers and pie and flipping my niece upside down several times. Then I drove back to my house to be social at the culdesac block party. Being the only people in the street not to have kids can sometimes be a barrier (self imposed, I'm sure) to being social but I didn't allow myself to hide indoors. I ended up having a great time chatting and hopefully the neighbors know that I'm not a weird recluse. Plus, my neighbor's 4 year old daughter threw two cups of water on me so I took that as my initiation.

My in-laws came over and my sister-in-law had two of her friends join us to play with fireworks and sparklers before the big fireworks show started. We are SO LUCKY that we can sit in our court and have an amazing view of the fireworks.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Suck it Brits! We are free from your reign!!!! At last!!

Okay, just wanted to pretend it was 1776 and bring up the feelings that Americans must have felt at the time. In fact, I feel proud to be an American everyday. I know this country isn't perfect. Many people spend their days complaining about what is wrong with America. Not me. I love this place. The freedoms that we have are undeniably vast compared to other places in the world. Again, we aren't perfect but damnit, I wouldn't live anywhere else. This is a great nation that I was raised to love and be proud of and I hope when I have kids, I can pass along the love that I have for the United States.

The 4th of July is more than just a day off of work for me. I feel an immense amount of pride when I see our flag, hear our National Anthem and watch the color guard go by in the annual parade I'll attend this morning. I don't focus on her imperfections but rather the great opportunities that we have here. I hope everyone has a great time celebrating today and remember to honor our country today because it is a great one.

I'll leave you with a Canadian singing God Bless America. One of my favorite performances of this song ever.