Monday, January 23, 2012

I don't know shoes

I need to find some cute heels to wear to my friend's wedding in Las Vegas next month. I have a dress that I really like but I have no idea what type of shoes to wear. I have my gold heels but I'm kind of over those and whenever I wear them, I'm worried they might break like they did on my 30th birthday.

The dress is no longer online and I'm too lazy to take a picture. Ok, nevermind. I walked 25 feet and took one. And to show you what an idiot I am, I took 5 pictures of the dress before I realized I was taking pictures of the back of the dress. Geez.

My husband said it looks a little "bridesmaid" but I don't care. It looks cute on, it is comfortable and a good length. It is fun without being slutty and although it is Vegas, I'm too old to look slutty. 

Back to the point: If my dress was more on the tame side, I thought I would wear some fun shoes. So I found these:

The price was pretty good and if I don't like them, I can send them back at no cost to me. But I think they are fun and sparkly and Vegas. And sparkles and that teal colored dress seem like they would go nicely together.

While I was at it, I came across these boots. I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans (I hate that term) and the main boots I wear with them are mid-calf boots and well, I think they look dumb. I'm jealous of people who wear tall boots and look pulled together and fashionable. I may never look pulled together and fashionable but I thought these boots were kinda cute.

FYI: They are cheaper on Amazon but I wanted to be able to send them back free if I didn't like them so I got them on Endless. Just $9 more.

Here is my question. I see some bloggers wearing dark brown boots with black. Can I do that? Or does it only apply to cognac colored boots, as seen here. Is it a major "Don't" in the fashion world or should I realize that right now, I'm wearing sweats and a SF Giants sweatshirt and say to hell with the rules.


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Miranda said...

Black and brown together are fine... to me anyways. I wear black and brown together. :)