Sunday, January 1, 2012

No. No. No

Happy New Year! 2012. We celebrated at home, eating pizza rolls, drinking Vanilla Vodka and soda, and being complete dorks. Just how I like it to be.

I was thinking this morning what I want to be in 2012. I want to be someone that says "no" to myself. It is cliche to say that I want to lose weight but I do. I want to lose weight and in order to do that I need to stop and say NO. No fast food. No cookies. No crap.

I'm going to live by the phrase "Everything in Moderation." A dessert is a dessert and no, I don't deserve two in one day.

In 8 weeks, I'm going to Las Vegas for my friend's wedding. I want to be able to wear something cute and not stuff myself into my current fatty clothes. I can make some serious headway in 8 weeks.

So right now, I'm going to march downstairs and trash the junk that is in our house. If it isn't here, I won't eat it.

Again, I realize how completely lame this sounds, especially when I'm sure every year I've made this proclamation to myself but as I'm getting older, I understand that it isn't as easy as it once was and I've got to take advantage of this now. I have to make a change and I have to do it now.

Cliche away!


Kelly said...

You can do it! I'm doing the same thing... Today I gave up soda (sniffle,sniffle) but i have about ten pounds of baby weight left and I want to wear my skinny-girl jeans again! We can do this Michelle! My exercise class starts next week so this week I'm walking everyday... We'll see how it goes! We rock :)

Kelly said...
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