Thursday, February 16, 2012

:Head desk:

With all of the problems going on in our country right now, WHY are the powers that be spending some much damn time fighting about BIRTH CONTROL?????????? 

And can the MEN running for President please stop talking about it. Just shut up. This election cycle seems to be all about social issues when social issues are the LAST thing our leaders should be focused on. 

Unemployment is a huge problem.

Gas prices are going up again.

Soldiers are still dying.

Government is stepping into our lives by thinking they know what is best for us 

Access to birth control is the LAST thing on the list of problems we face as a nation. Important? Sure. As important as getting our economy back on top and getting people off unemployment? NO NO NO.

I swear. I might leave "President of the United States" blank on my ballot this year. I can't get behind ANY of these dudes.

P.S. Now that I know how to put GIF's in my blog posts....its on!

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