Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vegas: On the Strip

Las Vegas is just a big piece of eye candy. During the day, it is just big buildings but at night it really comes to life. Sadly, I don't have too many pictures (or none at all) of The Strip when it is really dark out but dusk provided me some great shots.

I had a great time walking around, sipping on a drink and taking pictures throughout the weekend.

The fountains at Caesar's Palace

Inside of The Bellagio. All decorated for Chinese New Year. Very beautiful!

Eiffel Tower

Bellagio. Waiting for the fountain show. I love how when the music starts and the water shoots up, nearly everyone on the strip (either side of the street) just stops and watches. 

Playing with my camera.

While editing my photos, I lost quite a few of them and I'm bummed. Note to self: Always drag into another folder before editing. I was editing straight from the card so I have no original copies. DUMB MICHELLE.

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