Monday, February 27, 2012

Vegas: A Pictorial of Emotions

Friday morning: YAY I'm in VEGAS!

Friday night: WOOHOO! What an awesome night out dancing and partying!

Saturday morning: OMG I feel like death

Saturday afternoon: WOOHOO! My friend just got married. I'm ready to PARTY!

Saturday night: Awesome reception and after party. I love VEGAS!

Sunday morning: Too much partying.

Sunday night: In my room. Belly full from dinner. Watching the Oscars. Packed and ready to go. Peace out Vegas!

Monday morning: OMG Why didn't I take Monday off? I have to go straight from the airport to work. WTF.

Additional Pictures to come later....


Angie said...

hahaha.awesome similar to my visits only difference.
ME- still drunk at the airport monday morning and hating EVERYONE. :/

oh good times.

The Borchert Family said...

You are weird, but so hilarious at the same time! Did you take all those pictures in the same sitting?