Monday, March 12, 2012

Child Safety beat Me

I had the pleasure of taking care of my two nieces on Saturday while their parents were either working or playing basketball. We had a picnic at a park, we played on the playground, I drove a train to Chicago and then to Arizona, I explained to the oldest one that we couldn't play hide-and-go-seek because hiding would require her to be out of view which wouldn't make me a very responsible babysitter.

I dropped one off at rehearsal and walked with the little one to get frozen yogurt which we shared. If she had it her way, it would have been all hers but she was up against me and Michelle doesn't share food! She is lucky I broke the rules for her. We picked the oldest one up and we drove home. It was quite a successful day.

But I did face two opponents. One I conquered. The other kicked my behind. The opponents weren't children or animals or a challenging slide at one of the two parks we visited. Oh no. Those things are a cake walk compared to what I faced.

The first opponent was the bottom buckle on a car seat. I could not figure out, for the life of me, how to buckle that damn thing. I saw that the two buckles had puzzle-like pieces. It should have been easy but it wasn't. The oldest child tried to help while the youngest was getting pretty pissed that I couldn't figure out how to buckle it. Their mom was playing basketball in the background but my pride wouldn't allow me to call to her for help. "You are capable, Michelle. You CAN buckle this car seat." And I did. After about 4 minutes which is entirely too long to figure out something simple. I paid close attention for I knew that I would have to buckle it again soon.

 Next up was this damn umbrella stroller. It defeated me. I'm not proud of that. Not at all. I actually consider it one of the greatest failures of my life. I couldn't fold up a lightweight umbrella stroller. I'll say it again: I couldn't fold up an umbrella stroller. What did I do? After calling my sister for help (it didn't help), I threw the stroller in the trunk. I don't know how I fit it in there but I did and if anyone in the parking lot was watching me, I'm sure they were laughing. Probably calling CPS about an unfit parent they saw in the parking lot. "She couldn't fold up an umbrella stroller! Please stop her from caring for those children!"

I was defeated. And sweaty. But overall, I considered the day to be successful. As I drove them back home to a mother who can buckle a car seat and collapse a stroller with her eyes closed, I listened as oldest niece served as a teacher to youngest niece, asking her to help find hidden items in a book. All my failures washed away as I listened to their teamwork. I'm a lucky Aunt.

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Our Wired Lives said...

LOL... thanks for sharing this. It doesn't sound glamorous, but it sounds like an all in all memory filled day in a lot of different ways.