Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Third time's a charm?

Two years in a row, I have attended the local fair where my photographs have been displayed for judging. I put my work out there to be judged and viewed by the masses. And two years in a row, I have walked away with nothing. The competition was stiff. There was some great photos entered into the fair. Some. I still contend that a terrible picture of a couple at a wedding, just standing there smiling was less than stellar and didn't deserve even a pink ribbon.

Once again, I am putting my photographs into the hands of these judges (who are they, by the way? I'd like to know) and keeping my fingers crossed that when I attend the fair and walk through the photography exhibit, I see a ribbon on one of my 5 pictures.

Here they are:





I can't find the 5th picture on my home computer so it must be on my flash drive. I know these pictures aren't spectacular but I especially love the photo of the Lincoln Memorial. It is fun to have pictures that I have taken on display for people to see and even if I don't win a ribbon, it is fun just to be nominated. Or not. Whatever.

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